Ava from the Five Hive – one of the latex-clad WiB!


Ava From the Five Hive

The Five Hive is made up of Five Specially Trained Women in Black (WiB) agents meant to protect Earth by any means necessary—no matter how dirty, nasty, or naughty—from extraterrestrial threats. 

Ava is the BBW. Her specialty is straddling. She wears latex chaps and latex panties that come up almost to her breasts, which are naked at all times. She has no nipples. She has a tattoo of the number 3 on her right breast. Her black hair is a thick mane. Her perfect skin is as smooth as milk.

Ava has been to Planet M69 in the Pinwheel Formation (aka Alien Relish). She was part of the infamous orgy that restored the funk to the universe. Learn more about her by learning about Dean Diddlewitz or any of the other members of the super secret WiB task force. Shhhhhh. This is classified. Top Secret. Need to Know Only.

Excuse me. Please step into our secure debriefing facility for a moment…



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Artwork by these very talented illustrators (gallery comes up random, FYI):
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