Bad President: I think it’s safe to say that the president of the US is a total dick


Bad President: I think it’s safe to say that the president of the US is a total dick

And he’s not too bright either

If you read President Trump’s tweets you find they are littered with poor grammatical agreement, incorrect spelling, and incomplete sentences. I’ve always feared people with fragmented sentences as it betrays their disjointed thinking. A fragment here and there is little cause for concern, but the way Trump does it is alarming to any smart person. Dumb sheep won’t notice, but if you’re switched on you just get the sense that this man is fraud and a total moron. No wonder he’s getting ridden like a camel by Putin, Bannon, Conway, and a lot of others with two syllable names. I never thought it would be necessary, but I think the US needs presidents to pass a minimum skills test: basic grammar, basic logic, basic math. We need to be sure the leader of the free world can handle basic tasks. A lot of people have doubts about this guy running the show right now. It’s possible he’s just simply average (I often mistake average for stupid, sorry. I never said I’m not a dick), but it’s likely he’s below average or even criminally stupid. We really don’t know. The fact that we are not sure is alarming to me. I didn’t love many other presidents, including Obama who I found to be a pussy in the face of these conservative nuts. I just wanted Obama to stand up and bitch slap the racist religious right fuckers but he was too kind. However, I never doubted the first African-American president’s brains. If Trump is really average and not a moron, then we can all be sure of one unalienable fact: Trump’s a total dick.

Let’s have a little checklist and see how Trump fares.

He’s totally at war with science. Dick. He is at war with the media. Dick. He wants a Holy War with Islam. Dick. He hates women. Dick. He can’t spell. Dick. He lied about playing golf because he knew he’s be criticized. Dick. He lies regularly about everything. Dick. He thinks white supremacists Alex Jones and Steve Bannon are “his kind of guys.” Double Dick.

Wow. He has top marks for being a dick. Bet his SAT and GRE scores weren’t nearly that impressive.

Now, the fact that Americans voted for this cunt shows you that the rule of the US is coming to a close. When the average person, liberal or conservative, isn’t smart enough to see a dick dictator for what he really is, that country can no longer call itself a superpower. The only way in which the US remains a superpower is in Military Strength. The military is a superpower but the country and its citizens are not super. Its elected officials certainly are not super. In fact, our government officials aren’t even decent. Most of them bought their way into their position and lack the basic skill sets to do the job. For example, American Ambassador’s rarely speak the language of the host nation. What a disgrace! When it comes to sciences, education, art, literature, music, language skill (chuckle chuckle) to be American is to have a disadvantage.

Check out these tweets! This is your US President (cringe), nickname “Leader of the Free World.”


Tweet 1


Tweet 2