Shit, Carter fucked your girl | Yes, the one that was “saving herself” | Choose your own Kink

It’s Carter, that fucking asshole. You never liked the cunt since he stole that bike which was way too small for him and started to ride into you every day after school. Every day it was chicken, except your broke ass was walking and this Carter asshole was on this bike so small that his knees stuck out just to peddle the muhfucka. The girls liked him. He had those big latino eyes and hair shaved but never shaved. You know, like the fucker’s masculinity was just beating the razor. Even at 15 (not that he was fifteen now and we do not condone underaged sex or any sex) he was a man. Now, all the young students (university students you pervert) in their plaid little ultra-short skirts giggled when he rolled by. He handed out lollipops and even your girl, G-strung, she told you they called her that because her hormones had her so strung out since she had never had that RE-LEASE. She was saving herself. You would marry her. She wanted to be pure and wholesome and good and yours and wonderful and everything you desired and innocent. And she took Carter’s lollipop and popped it into her mouth and lolli lolli lolli it was so good that right there in the alley way, a real narrow space between two buildings, not Brownstones, but old tenements that had a small space so they could run some wires in the old days and now the wires running were G-strungs strong synapses flowing with urge, desire, and want as she sucked off Andrew Carter’s big brown lollipop right here where people could see. And her friends were selling G-Strung out by pointing, covering their mouths, giggling and you saw her there kneeling and his big hand on her head and her ass bobbing and her head bobbing up and down sucking his DICK. Then he turned her around and her face was in the brick of the house and her ass was up and he popped his dick into her pussy and he FUCKED your virgin girlfriend right there on the street.

You had two choices:

…Steal Carter’s bike and


…Go over there and confront her and him