Erotic Science Fiction: Tabitha from The Five Hive

Erotic-Science-Fiction-Tabitha of Fuck Force Five

Tabitha from The Five Hive (a character in the erotic science fiction series Triangulum Stain)

Tabitha is the blonde FFF. Her specialty is rope. She wears a sheer cat suit with pasties on her nipples. She wears latex pants and carries a rope lassoed on her hip brace. Her lips are full and seductive. Her secret identity may or may not be Destiny’s Pussycat herself Betwice Knowles. All of this is known by Dean Diddlewitz of the UFO Chronicler, but he has this thing where without orgasm he forgets everything he knows. Make sure that Dean gets his sexual medicine by reading.

Tabitha has been to Planet M69 in the Pinwheel Formation (aka Alien Relish).

Excuse me. Please step into our secure debriefing facility for a moment…



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