Jizz on the anus then lick it off and leave | Choose your own Kink (stream a)

Jizz on the Anus: Part of the Choose Your Own Kink SEXcapade


The classic ass cumshot is done with the dick running parallel to the ass crack and the cum shooting in lines running just off parallel to her spine at 5-10º angles that have slight pools of coagulation at the top of the cum-line. That’s the classic money shot. You know, you’re fucking the bitch hard doggy and she’s moaning and saying she loves it in mono-sylallabic pigeon English and you pull out and stroke your loads, usually 5-8 bursts onto her ass cheeks and back. If it’s a white woman and she sports tan lines, the cum is usually more pronounced and easier to see on the tan part of her back than her white ass cheeks.

This was different.

This was the precision payload. It was carefully aimed at her anus. You never once looked up at the smooth, scalloped small of her chocolate back. You didn’t look at her spine. You were focused on the asterisk of the human body and nothing else. Her skin was rich chocolate and her ass crack had no red line that white women get (you have no idea why). Her ass crack descended triangularly and created a little pocket where the anus was protected. Right now, the ass was out and you stared at the wrinkly little rim that connected internal to external.

Why did you love jizzing the anus?

The anus was the doorway between the internal and the external. That’s the great mind fuck of being alive. You knew that. When  you licked an anus you were right at the divide. It was literally like being on the edge of a black hole. Inside was the internal workings, outside was all the external packaging. Licking ass brought you face to ass with the very basic tenet of existence: where the fuck am I? Am I up here in my brain, somewhere in a bundle of wires behind my eyes or am I in my heart, feeling this world. Am I everywhere and nowhere simultaneously. And for G-Strung it was a similar meeting with god. The sensation of pleasure was coming from her asshole, where your tongue had traced circles around the rim of her ass, brushing the wrinkly skin. But wasn’t the pleasure coming up into her brain. Wasn’t in the dopamine that was making her feel good?

Jizzing the anus was like the perfect mixing point. You felt it was the cement mixer of sex and existence. You brewed a big load in your wrinkly hairy balls and would now dump it via your hose onto her waiting asshole and glue you and G-strung, internal and external, all together with the great protein of existence.

Plus it felt fucking good!

You felt the warm orgasm rising. Visually G-strung hot as cum-filled balls. You jerked it and unleashed your cumshot. Five spurts hit her right on the anus, white cream dousing her shadowed asterisk. Some pooled and dripped down her thick cunt lips. Some stayed and glued her ass cheeks together.

You leaned in and lapped the briny cum right off her metallic asshole. She squealed and continued to bang her toes into the ground while giggling. You swallowed your own load, cleaning her asshole and cunt lips of every remnant of your big, blown load.

$. The End $.