Bestselling Author in Love Poems sets out to Release a New Book of Poems

Sex on a Stick

Those of you who know me and my writing know that this was the original book of poems (See link below). I’m editing a new book of poems. The funny thing is that over the yeSex Behind Shutter (1)ars, this book sold pretty well and got to the Top 100 Bestsellers List for “Love Poems” which is a funny, dubious distinction if you know my writing. I most certainly did not set out to write love poems. This book is a private eye into unspeakable sex addicts. What holds it together well is the palpable longing for sex and love (thus the gif on the right!).

If anyone is interested in reviewing the original Book of Real & Imaginary Girlfriends, or the new one, please let me know. Thanks

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