Jenny | a poem | #LPRTG #Erotic #Poem



i want to send her a message
that says either
if your asshole was prettier,
without that asymmetrical bit,
we would have stayed together

but that flapping chili protruding, yikes

however, i’m looking at her profile photo and getting hardAsianFurrowedBrowBlowjob-Gagging
if your mouth is willing, bring it over here for use

while her lips are wrapped around the root
while the shaft floats in her mouth-space
while the head delves into the depths of membrane
in throat, in trachea, in esophagus

i can’t fathom if this is real
or am i in a dream

i grab her by the tit
pinch her hard as i can
no reaction
she keeps working my cock

i smack her face
her pretty eyes look up at me
i start to pee in her mouth
her face wrinkles in disgust

yep, this must be real


  $. by Mojo  $.

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