poem: Wanton Welfare Whore (Remix of an untitled poem from johnshon.blogspot.com)

Sepia Girl with Aztec Red Lips Sucks Lollipop

for Kristin Hoard

with her cumwhore
ass cheeks spread open
head buried in the sheets
asshole stretched out and open
like a train tunnel to a foreign land
back arched
lips parted
thighs thick and smooth
panties damp at ankles
she seems about right.

She wags her tongue
like a wanton welfare whore
I wage war and
power my locomotive to China
drilling across the universe
from her asshole
to the first speck of interstellar dust
where she was first made
with divine metamorphosis
with totem pole Nazca intention
to be my slut
on my dirty bed sheets
stained with cum, blood, tears, and pussy juice

she moans and clenches
and pulls on the the dirty sheets
as her asshole gets bludgeoned
oh so fucking good!

++The End++

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