Summer St. Cerly by Sally Bend (Guest Post)

Guest post by Sally Bend. I had asked who the hottest black porn actress was a few weeks ago online and got a smattering of great answers. Sally’s answer jumped out at me. Her choice is a pioneer in porn and erotica and the transgender community. I know painfully little about the rise of transgender porn and am pleased that Sally is willing to give up her valuable time to educate me. Without further ado, Miss Sally Bend. 

When MJ tossed out the question, asking who everyone considered the hottest black porn actress, there was only one name that immediately came to mind – Summer St. Cerly.

I don’t know the exact year I was first exposed to her ebony perfection, but it would have been the early 90s, and I do know I was still a few years shy of being old enough to legally enjoy it. There was no internet back then, but there was mail-order (I always used companies that promised discreet packaging), and the mailman was my dealer.

Now, I am going to pause here and establish a little context, so you can understand why Summer St. Cerly was so important to me. At that point in my young life, my porn exposure was largely limited to sexy transsexuals with half-limp cocks, looking entirely bored as they sucked the hairy cocks of mustached men, or laid back and endured being fucked.

They were beautiful, but far from passionate. I wanted to look like them, but wasn’t sure I wanted to be them, if you know what I mean.


From the moment I spotted the thumbnail of its cover in the back of another magazine, I knew “She-Male Therapy” would change my life. It sounds like exaggerated hyperbole, but it is the hard . . . horny . . . heavenly truth. That magazine kicked off an obsession that climaxed with my first VHS viewing of “She-Male Reformatory,” leading me to order anything I could find with her in it.

Why was she so pivotal? Well, if you look at any of her photospreads, or watch any of her videos, you will notice two things about Summer St. Cerly.

First, she is the dominant top in just about every scene. Until her, I had never seen a transsexual woman in power, but she was the epitome of dominance. Men, women, other transsexuals, they all worshipped her 38DD breasts and bowed down to the majesty that was her ten-and-a-half-inch cock. As her first appearance in “Female Mimics International” put it, “There isn’t an ounce of her body that doesn’t overflow with talent, poise and style . . . We haven’t seen glamour and elegance like this in years!”

Second, she enjoyed it every moment of it. Compared to those bored contemporaries, she was clearly happy and oh-so-visibly aroused. She was a transsexual dominatrix who thrived in the role, the first (to my eyes) who looked as if she were enjoying the scene, rather than just acting it out.

Sadly, her career was not a long one, even by standards of the era. She was only active from 1984 to 1988, but racked up 14 hardcore movies during that span, including 2 volumes of “Trisexual Encounters” (boy, does that term bring back memories!), 6 volumes of “She-Male Encounters,” and her directorial debut, “I Was a She-Male for the FBI.”

A talented makeup artist, photographer, dancer, and singer, she was discovered by the legendary Kim Christy, who went on to sponsor her in The Battle of the VIPs contest at the famous Mayflower Ballroom in Los Angeles, before introducing her to the world of film. A native of California, she moved to Manhattan for most of her film career, before jetting off to Europe.

What has become of her since is a mystery – Summer, if you are out there, I hope you are still fabulous! – but I like to think she found love during her European tour as “AMERICA’S HOTTEST TRANSSEXUAL SUPERSTAR” and is currently reigning over a small castle full of submissive couples.

I still have my copy of in “Female Mimics International” with her personal ad, and even thought it has been so many years, I still pull it out sometimes and think about calling her “personal European phone number” to see if she answers.

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