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This will be shared in small pieces. It’s a book that’s held together on a kindle that’s malfunctioning a bit, so don’t be surprised if you get slung all over the universe in this one story. Feel free to leave comments on what you liked and didn’t like. This is a Secret Sneak Peak. Once it’s finished, it will go on sale. Take advantage of it for free. Tell your friends. Tell your Pastor.

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My Wife is a Big Fucking Whore by Red Pesca

We all know that my wife is a big fucking whore. Well, if you didn’t know you know. I mean, if her husband says she’s a slut, she’s a fucking slut. Usually husbands tell you their wives aren’t whores, you know just to protect her, even if she’s sucking dicks left, right, and center. So if a husband mentions his wife is a whore, believe him.

Read about how my wife is a total whore. It features her and two strapping alpha males having their way with her while I watch and enjoy:

The Cuckold Story

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my wife is a who

my wife is a whore

my wife is a whore

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