SMUTPUNK – Yep, smut + punk = awesome sauce

Moctezuma Johnson, Ruler of Literary Porn and Weird Shit that Makes him Laugh


Do we really need another literary category subcategory? Why not, smutpunkists?

by Moctezuma Johnson

There are so many literary ‘punks’ these days that it just seems like a buzzword to use in the new age of selling books via keywords. In today’s marketplace it sure seems like it’s better to dominate some esoteric category like LGBT >> Short reads (29-31 Minutes) >> Shifter >> Sci-Fi >> Medieval History than actually write an amazing book. That means that today’s titles are often clogged up with keywords. Imagine the Classics: Lolita (Old Man Young Vixen Daddy Age Play Series) or Hamlet (DubCon Paranormal 15th Century Murder/Suicide Crime Thriller Mystery Royalty & Aristocrats), or even Star Wars (Metaphysical and Visionary Galactic Empire Space Marine Clones Incenstuous Paranormal Space Soap Opera Dystopian Sci-Fi Series). So everybody is trying to get on the algorithms’s good sides with creative keyword use, and you now have categories upon categories with subcategories inside categories. Frankly, it has become a mess. If you like muck, then you’re in heaven searching for a book on amazon. If you don’t, you type in your favorite keywords and you’re on with it. So now you have steampunk, cyberpunk, splatterpunk, and a bunch of punks to help you sort through the mess and find something cool and unique that you like. Well, add smutpunk to the list. Smutpunk, really? That’s right SMUT + PUNK = AWESOME SAUCE. Although you may think that the term sounds awful, the new(ish) term strangely applies to work that isn’t bad at all. It’s erotica with plot that mixes forms from such varied sources such as magic realism, science fiction, and Asian kung fu movies. In the same way most other punks use some common thing to glue them together, smutpunk uses the most basic protein of all, sperm, to create its own panspermia universe, mixing pop-culture, erotica, the Cthulhu mythos, Far East legends, and Non-Western spirituality with Science Fiction, Pulp, and Silver-Age-Comic era elements into a head spinning, ball-busting, funny good time.

Did you say funny?

That’s right, I can’t believe how serious people are writing about dick in hole. I mean, seriously, I see books dropping name brands left and right, books whose authors abhor the comma, and books who take seducing a step-sister very seriously. It’s just wank material, folks! It’s all a bit of fun. That’s why throwing in an Asian Superstar Lawyer who is also a FUTA that has corrupted the medical profession into giving patients purple pills that transform them into sexy superbeings is all cool. Everybody wants to get off, get entertained, and have a laugh here and there.

So smutpunk was formulated by Emme Hor, Moctezuma Johnson, and Callie Press. They make erotica stand up on its own even if you remove the sex (which these writers admit they sometimes forget to provide) because the plots have other equally important elements. In Halloween 2015 Callie Press’s Butterface was highly-lauded, and Moctezuma Johnson’s Battle for Alien Relish has recently been featured as a kind of B-movie classic on WTF Friday. Smutpunk is just beginning and has only scratched the surface of the its full potential like a Sith lord using the dark side of teh force for tripping her a bully in the cafeteria and then giggling. Get on the slippery smutpunk soaked bandwagon and have a taste. Type smutpunk into Amazon or Google and see what new worlds you get.