News so Absurdly False it’s True: Professor confirms meritocracy dead


News so Absurdly False it’s True (well, nearly true. What’s the kids call Bullshit Truth)

MIT professor confirms meritocracy long dead in America

CAMBRIDGE, MA — Election of Trump, MIT Professor Nomme d’Chumsky states from his eRanch in Honolulu, proves people at the top can now be filled by people at the bottom. Education, skill sets, and language ability are all demerits in today’s new Bullshit Society. In fact, the professor warns, education and skills, especially foreign language skills, can get you in a heap of trouble reminiscent of Pol Pot’s Cambodia. He suggests the average American just shut her mouth, eat her fast food, and pay her part of America’s enormous taxes for governments new weapons to monitor, scare, and control.


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