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Dear SmutStreet Punkies Von Bitchensteins!

That name was ingeniously given by Genevieve. I had to give props for her naming genius. Thanks, G.

If you’re not part of this Von Bitchenstein team, please join in the sidebar. Thanks. We will have some fun spreading S. Punk all around the world.

Below is some promotional material for you all to tweet, FB post, Pin, slide into your DMs, and variously share share share. Those of you with blogs, I’d love if you can post on your blog. My site will notify of the ping so I can start cross promoting asap. That’s probably the most win-win for any of us, but any support is greatly appreciated. This book was #1 in three free categories yesterday (that was in late September – I have no idea why I didn’t publish this post earlier. Stupid day job!). Thank you for all the support to make that happen. You all rock! Now Iet’s try to get its paid ranking up high. I’m attaching some text (with links embedded) and some images. My suggestion is to choose one image that you like and use that one, but of course you’re welcome to use any.

Thanks for all the love and support. SmutStreet is so Punk!



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Smutpunk needs your support for this Thunderclap campaign which ends 2/27/18. Hurry.


I’d like to share a new Futa Boxing Science-Fiction & Fantasy Erotica book that I think you’ll love. As Tamara McLanahan says, “This book will show you why Moctezuma Johnson wears the Smutpunk Crown.”


“This Magic Jump Rope Heals All Ills”

The jump rope is fraying. With Minae’s marriage on the rocks, the rope is the only thing that can save her. She and the keepers of the rope band together and encounter characters and obstacles that will test Minae’s character, resolve, and desire.

Is all this trouble worth it to save a marriage? Probably not, but Minae’s finds out the safety of planet Earth is on the line. In a race against time, Minae must rely on dubious allies and former enemies to save the Magic Rope from a once in a lifetime catastrophic futanaria event. Can she suck it up and deal? She’s going to have to.


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Comment below if you have any questions or send me an email. Thank you, Smutstreet Punkies!

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