Erotic SMUTPUNK (aka SmutpunkForChange, Political Erotica, Funny Porn)


Erotic Smutpunk Press Release:

A Political Satire by Dr. Moctezuma Johnson

Cyberspace 2016 — Dump the Futa President, released in 2016 for the elections and incoming president, is a satire taking aim at the American political system. Read about what goes on behind the scenes in presidential politics. Be forewarned their is gratuitous straight and gay sex and gratuitous violence.

SUMMARY: A Mexican alien (from Mars) lands at CIA headquarters to get a fix of smack. In doing so, he meets Tronald Dump and falls in love. See what befalls him and Mr. Dump in this alien-politico Romeo and Juliet. It is for sale exclusively on Amazon (in various countries). 


Keywords: Erotic SMUTPUNK, Smutpunk For Change, Political Erotica, Funny Porn.