4:00 am Tryst | #smutpunkpoem #poem #LPRTG

She sleeps on the floor with the baby

I sleep on the bed

We meet in the middle of the night

Like two school kids sneaking out there windows

We meet quick strip quick

Get right to it

Cock pussy titties shaking

Am I awake or dreaming?

Blanched Tomato | Option D | Choose Your Own Kink SEXCapade by Moctezuma Johnson


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D You loved that blanched tomato look and wanted to shoot on that gaping asshole but there was another force that wanted to see G-string’s humiliation up close and personal so you yanked her by the weave right at your cock and stuffed it into her face. There she was, ass fucked, kneeling, and eating her shit from your cock. It was too much to take and you exploded into the sweet chariot of her mouth. 

All Lives Mattered, she said | Option C of the ANAL STUD sequence from Moctezuma’s CYOK

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Option C

You’d watched your fair of porn among the years and always admired the way the girls just got straight into kneeling for cum (kfc) position. Normally, you struggled to get a chick to perform like that. Not tonight. G-strung was on point in the kfc department.

Your jizz erupted right as you were pulling her black face toward your thick white cock.

“MPhhhhhh, Black Lives Matter!” you said as your white cum volcano’d her whore face. Like it was burning hot lava, she flinched as it hit her.

When you finished jerking the last drops out she licked the tip and made sure she sucked you dry.

“All lives mattered,” G-strung said and took her stained face to the bathroom to wash off. 

The End

Well, stud, looks like you have another hard choice to make, you sodomizer

You pulled out and the tunnel that was her asshole, the part you could see looked like a blanched tomato, closed up like the electric eye after a bugs bunny cartoon or an allen ginsberg poem. You heard the music from looney toons and saw her beautiful black ass. You could (A) take your cock and jerk it all over her winking asshole, you could (B) dump the load on her black ass (who doesn’t love a clean white load on a taut black ass cheek?), (C) yank her around and cum in her face, or (D) stuff your cock in her mouth making her eat her own ass and swallow your jizz. 

The options certainly got no easier. 

The End