Ending #2 to I DON’T WANT TO BE LIKE THE OTHER SLUTS, BABY! || Choose your own sexcapade porn poem

(cont’d from I Don’t Wanna Be Those Other Sluts, Baby!)


She looked me in the eye hard, a scowl.
“The others don’t go ass to mouth, do they?”

I laughed, cock head bulging in my slut’s throat
her nipples were hard
little bumps were all over her areola
I held her head in my hands
and pushed every last inch of my big cock
until she was stuffed with dick.

“Whenever I cheat on you, I make the bitch go A2M, pig!”
I pulled my cock out of her to hear her reaction.
“What’s A2M?”
“Ass to mouth,” I said
I pounded my dick back into her throat.
She convulsed. She slapped at my leg.
She wanted my dick out of her.
I held her there, choking.
“Each and every one of them, from the prettiest supermodel
to the most bucktoothed slut took my cock from her ass
and then blew me,
just like you, you cunt.”

I could see she was broken, tears dripping from her eyes
and she was wet.
I slid my finger to her clit, it sloshed
as I pleasured her
I could hear it squishing
then I heard her moaning
on my dick in her throat
and she squirted pussy juice on the couch
while I pumped my load straight into her throat.

“I can’t believe they would do that, those sluts!”
“I know! What kind of slut would do that?”

She slapped at my leg as my cum dripped out her mouth and up her nose.