S U C K, P I G, S U C K! | #LPRTG | Can’t a Jizz on Social Media’s Whore Face?

My Addiction to Social Media by Moctezuma Johnson

S U C K, P I G, S U C K! | #LPRTG |

When I found my first autotweeter program this was the first thing I had it tweet out randomly from my laptop: S U C K, P I G, S U C K! | #LPRTG |. Since then I’ve come to completely loathe social media, yet it’s a necessary evil to get the word out. I mean Facebook sucks! They are not at all logical in what swaths of flesh they allow and what they send to the jailhouse, yet they always want my ad revenue (they even pitch me while I’m unable to post! How’s that for the tail wagging the dog?). Also, I can’t forgive twitter or facebook for giving us Trump by brainwashing the moron masses. I don’t care about the result as much as the way it was done. I knew people were stupid, but I didn’t know how stupid. It makes me sad. So this post is an honor to my first auto-tweet. Please imagine the throat is social media and the cock in my attitude towards it. I know I should stop, but it just feels so damn good.