SEX TIP #6 – Role Play


SEX TIP No. 6 – Role Play

I’m the King of Spain and you’re a captured Moor wife thrown into my harem!

elly-tran-ha-in-korean-sexy-bikiniDon’t just get on top of each other and pump. Give a little historical context to the thing. Maybe you’re the professor and she’s the slutty student. Maybe she’s the Queen of England and you’re an attendant. Maybe you’re a beast and she’s your weak, defenseless prey. Maybe you’re the priest giving her a naughty, nasty, masturbatory penance. Spice it up by playing some roles. It’s XXXmas time so a naughty girl and good santa or vice versa can work, as well as some elf-punks getting jiggy on the rooftops. You really can’t go wrong with a little roleplay. Something about leaving your own constrictions has enormous, exponential freedom attached to it. I highly recommend you pretend to be me and have the time of your life. Oh yeah. Have yourself a SMUTPUNK spree. Read the books and apply reenactments liberally.

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Her Changing Body | Sex with Pregnant Wife

Girl Rocks Sucking Dick

Originally Called “Body Forms”

a poem for #WorldPoetryDay | When is #EroticPoetryDay? I nominate 6/9


before getting pregnant,

or when she first got pregnant,

she had a massive ass

two watermelons held by a harness:

her tiny waist

that cowered in the shadow of

her two big juggs.

now her whole body

was a kind of a big pear

not the American kind—

that juice-less apple rip-off—

the big, juicy, wet Korean Pear.

I slip a pig mask over her head

my cock is deep in her and I hold it there

she grinds

her nails are in my ass cheeks

this pig-masked thing is about to orgasm

“Oink,” I say.

she oinks like a pig and the orgasm fades

just momentarily until I start to pound into her hard

and she grinds furiously, oinking oinking oinking



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