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Scribes! Where have my scribes gone? Are they having a futa orgy again. A hyperfuta orgy. I need the scribes to organize and alphabetize this, please. Tell him as soon as he finishes eating his “soup,” thanks. 


Alternate Facts – Some Bizarro Presidency Orwellian Double Talk. (See Sample)

Average Fuckers – In an effort to keep my wife happy, I’m no longer calling 99% of the world morons and instead trying to be more accurate by calling them average. I say it with tons of hidden malice. Well, the malice ain’t hidden to the dot-connectors, bless their depraved coal-hearts.

Bagpiping – Using a chick’s armpit as a way to pleasure cock. She has to push down from the elbow in the same manner as pressing the bladder when playing the bagpipes. The more sweaty the sex the better, as the sweat is like lube. This is a great plan D if the a chick’s primary holes are in use. (learn more)

Black Swan – A term used to express an unlikely event that you may want to prepare for just in case it does occur. Example: Before the human race archived the black swan, people thought there was no such thing as a black swan. Most people incorrectly believed black swans were as real as unicorns. Now we know they do, in fact, exist. Stock market crashes, cataclysmic events, and things getting lodged up your ass and needing emergency room assistance may all classify as black swan events.

Bokep (Bahasa Indonesia) to watch pornography. 1. (pornographic film) – originated from abbreviation BF which means Blue Film. BF is read Beh-Ef, which in its pidgin form is read as Beh-Ep. The slang word Bokep is obtained by inserting ok in between Beh-Ep. (new)

Bukkake – when a submissive woman is lucky enough to be worshiped by the splooge of many men. In ancient times she often committed suicide after all the men present jizzed on her to save her family shame. Now bukkakes are often accompanied by the transfer of large sums of money. Whether or not our very own Emme Hor has participated in one can be neither confirmed nor denied.

Bullshit Society – A society in which Bullshit is Truth, Truth Bullshit. Bullshit becomes the official language of this society. They will speak Bullshit (much as George Orwell predicted in 1984 with his concept of “doublespeak”). Turn on FOX news (and many other sources) for a taste. (See quote below right)

ButterfaceCharacter who appears in novels by Callie Press and Moctezuma Johnson. Also, title of book by Callie PressGeorge Orwell-1984-boot-on-face-smutpunk-quote

Clear Heels – the required footwear of sluts all over the planet and universe. When men find a girl wearing these heels they can rest assured that they are in for a good time (similar items are hoop earrings, g-strings, and pink scrunchies). Click here for poem featuring a hot Asian slut in clear heels.

Dot-Connectors – People able to connect seemingly random, unconnectable ideas. Average Fuckers often mistake this awesome ability as random. Smutpunkists taste the awesome sauce in it.

Match of the Centuries – the epic battle between Butterface and Princess Chuckhole (See flyer).

Miss Lonely Hearts – This is the female straggler found in many bars and clubs who is pretty much good to go. Most guys can sit down with her, probably not even buy her a drink yet take her home and pound her until something gives, like a sink, a penis bone, or a pelvis. Often Miss Lonely Hearts makes a really top notch one night stand. She usually shows good manners, good hygiene, and good skills drinking, taking drugs, and in the sack.

MJism /Em-Jissэm/ – a word and thought made by Dr. Moctezuma Johnson. (new)

Fictophilia – a condition involving an irrevocable and passionate love for a fictional character. In fact, 60% of singles surveyed said they prefer a fictional book boyfriend to a living breathing male.

Futa – ‘futa’ is short for futanari. A futanari is a women with fully functioning male genitalia in addition to fully functioning female genitalia. She’s an aggregate of sexy. In other words, she’s a woman with a large cock. A dick girl. (See Reed James, Sally Bend, Bryce Calderwood, and my futanari books for more)

Splooge the magical liquid that spews from cock jerked to satisfaction. The very life force of the universe. The stuff that flows through Planet Alien Relish. The material for which Butterface is in an obsessive and violent search.

Spunk – See splooge

Smutpunk – It’s erotica with plot that mixes forms from such varied sources as magic realism, science fiction, and Asian kung fu movies. In the same way most other punks use some common thing to glue them together, smutpunk uses the most basic protein of all to create its own panspermia universe, mixing pop-culture, erotica, the Cthulhu mythos, Far East legends, and Non-Western spirituality with Science Fiction, Pulp, and Silver-Age-Comic era elements into a head spinning, ball-busting good time.

The Buttplug Mantel – Where Liam, aka That Fucker, keeps his trophy case of used buttplugs with little exhibit label flags like a museum that explain the who, what, where, why, how of the butt plug displayed. Some executives have slayed animals, others have athletic trophies, That Fucker has the butt plug mantel. (Read about it)

The Five Hive – Also known as the Fuck Force Five, these ladies are sexy, latex-clad, highly-trained Women-in-Black (WiB) agents tasked with keeping the Earth safe from extraterrestrials. They are trained in advanced fucking, quantum physics, and rappelling down giant dildos. Each of the five has a specialty.

The Smutpunk Lexicon – a dictionary of the tasty words peppered on your smutpunk.

Tudung – a headscarf worn by Malay women. (see more)tudung-titties

Hyperfuta – a futa with a cock the size of a car.

PAAG – Phat Ass Asian Girl. An Asian chick with a big, juicy phat ass. (See PAAG tumblr site)

PAOWG – Phat Ass Overinflated White Girl. See scene from Shrinkage – A Story of a Vindictive Ex-Wife and Dark Scientist with Giant Plans of Revenge for full understanding It’s an ass explosion, an outburst if you will, from an overstuffed, overfilled, overflowing, overpacked ass. The word is onomatopoeia. It is the sound of the detonation: PAOWG! 

PAWG – Phat Ass White Girl. A white chick with a big, juicy phat ass! (See PAWG tumblr site)

Phallogyne – A broader grouping of Futa, Traps, Transgenders, and other peoples with penises. Roxy Katt says, “A phallogyne is basically a woman with a penis.  This is a catch-all category that includes (but is not limited to) futanari, “shemales,” and transwomen who have had genital reassignment surgery.  Phallogyne” can refer to any real or fictional person who just naturally has basically a woman’s body but with a penis.  How she got the penis (naturally, surgically, by magical transformation, etc.) does not affect her status as a phallogyne. Whether there are testicles or not does not change the fact the person is a phallogyne, and whether she has a vagina or not in addition to the penis does not change her status as a phallogyne. Defining the term as widely as possible, “phallogyne” can also include male to female transvestites.”

SMUTPUNK Freedom Flag – The movement’s flag of freedom to spunk! (See Image)

Trump Butt Plug – Words cannot describe this Commander-in-Cheeks. (See Trump Butt Plug)

Yoga Pants – Really tight pants hot chicks wear to attract alpha males like bees to the honey pot. (see example)



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