You (still) want to force G-strung

You want to go back in and rape G-Strung? You dirty cunt! No, we don’t condone rape here. MJ stories go pretty damn far but that’s one line never crossed. You never really wanted to force her anyway, not against her will. You respected her, her religion, her ideas, and eyed this redhead and her massive tits. Damn, they were the size of your head. You would go up and talk to her, right?

You still want to rape G-strung (this could catch you in a loop)

You will talk to the Redheaded Queen (this will be available in the Kindle Version Only. Sorry, folks. I’m a cunt and try to make enough money to pay my editors, illustrators, and hookers who jerk me off while i write. Please support!)

Who do you choose? Asian or Ginger

There’s a yellow whore with long black hair and big doe eyes, a ginger chick with massive melons, and G-strung. What do you do?

Wait, what the fuck just happened. You were all into G-strung, romantically kissing and what not. Now what’s going on? Oh, your hormones, your sex drive, is running rampant. That makes sense. So you are walking the street like a hunter. You’re a caveman, scouring. Your eyes are darting. You see the sun, the skyscraper, the Hyundai, the girl on bicycle (nice ass!), the dude with the busted up teeth, and then you happen to see this skinny Korean chick in a miniskirt with legs like chopsticks or stilts that jam into her hips sexily with long flowing black hair and big seductive eyes and you want to stick your dick in her. You have that hungry wolf look and she senses it. You make eye contact. She senses that you want to devour her. You are prepared for her to look away while you visually-rape her, stuffing your big white dick into her tight wet Asian pussy. But she doesn’t look away. She’s not intimidated. She’s strong. In fact, she winks at you.

Now you feel like a little kid. You’re suddenly awkward. You don’t know what to do or say all of a sudden.

You look away. Across the street, you see two massive tits baked onto the never sun-kissed skin of a ginger tightly cleavaged. The woman on whom the tits are attached is wearing a gown with a slit showing her pale, supple leg. A corset pulls every ounce of her jiggly titties into a taut, tight rugged Victorian look. On her head, where she wears her red hair up in a bun that pulls every last stray hair away from her eyes, she wears a solid gold corona. What the fuck is this? Why is there a redheaded queen standing across the street?

You are ragingly horny. Which girl do you want to pursue…

the Asian?

the Redhead?

Go back to G-strung and refuse to take no for an answer