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Smutpunk Mega Freebie Event 2018


Authors, if you have a book that you’d like to offer to thousands of readers, please join this Mega Smutpunk Event! What we will do is make a homepage with all the books on display. Readers can click and download your book for free. In return, you will get their email address so you can introduce yourself to them and gain a lifetime fan. It’s win-win for everybody!

Smutpunk is looking for the best books in any genre that features a bit of erotica for our upcoming “Honeypot” InstaFreebie Event.


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Get in the Best Freebie Giveaway Event before it’s too late. Many bestselling authors are already in!


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This stuff is going out today and tomorrow to the winners! Yay!

Please contact me by email or in the comments below if anything hasn’t arrived or if there are any other problems.

See list of winners

The Smutpunk Raffle Winners

I’m announcing the winner below. First, enjoy a book (left, ‘up’ on mobile device)and get a new one every month with your subscription (right). You’ll also get access to the archives stuffed with stories, poems, and naughty photos galore!

Now, to the winners.

 Thank you for supporting the Smutpunk Raffle. There were 858 total entries and 7 winners have been selected randomly by the contest friend app. I appreciate every single one of you and wish I could award all 858 entries with a gift. To try and accommodate as many of you as possible, I have two giveaways below for ALL the contestants. Now to the winners.

The winners are…

  1. Ralph Sarkis

  2. Andrea Beata Kadar

  3. Kimmy Caldwell

  4. Gina Ferrell

  5. Anita Leibert

  6. Melissa Green

  7. Sky Moore

The prizes are…

  1. A free Kindle stuffed with smutpunk

  2. Sex Toys for him and her (courtesy of our friends at Cinnamoan Fantasy Adult Toy Shop)

  3. Gift Cards ($50 in the form of a Gift Card)

  4. A Site Shopping Spree ($35 in the Form of a Site-Wide Coupon)

  5. Cock Flavored Cocktails + Free Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired

  6. Free Smutpunk Subscription + Free Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired

  7. Free Personal Poem + Choose Your Own Kink SEXcapade

To all the other participants who did not win, you’re not completely out of luck yet. You have a one in seven chance of Winning an Amazon Giveaway if you join the Choose Your Own Kink by MJ Giveaway.  Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired

Also, if you’d like to join my Street Team you will get automatic free access to the mj site subscription, so please do get involved. I could really use the help!

One last thing, of course the Kindle comes absolutely STUFFED with SMUTPUNK. So congratulations to the winner who is getting books by me, Emme Hor, Red Pesca, Roxy Katt, Callie Press, Kella Z. Driehl, Sally Bend, Reed James, Kat Crimson, Linzi Basset, Christina Mandara, Jacincta Topaz, and more.










A Smutpunk Erotica Giveaway

You can win…

  1. A free Kindle stuffed with smutpunk

  2. Sex Toys for him and her

  3. Gift Cards

  4. A Site Shopping Spree

  5. Cock Flavored Cocktails

  6. I mean, Cocktail Flavored Dicksickles

  7. and More!

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