You want to confront that Alpha Male? Are you crazy?

Sorry, nice try, but who are you kidding? You were way too much of a big wet pussy terrified of confrontation for this bold option, so you just went home and cried and then visited “cuckold smutpunk” on google to make yourself feel better and landed here for all of us to laugh at, jeer, heckle, and ultimately purge of your deep pussy-ness in a cathartic re-constitution like the Mexican Vulture rising from the Flames. Reborn, karma cleaned.

And this is why you read. To grow. To open your minds. To get better. To improve. This is why you let Moctezuma Johnson SMUTPUNK you in the private confines of your own plush bedrooms while wrapped in lightly perfumed designer sheets. This is why you stare mouth agape at your mobile phones while riding the train commuting between crappy apartments and dead-end jobs to let Moctezuma gunge dopamine into your synaptic canals.

Choose Your Own SEXcapade © 2016 by Moctezuma Johnson

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