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Things to Promote:

BOOK: Choose Your Own SEXcapade by Moctezuma Johnson (aka King SMUTPUNK)

What's with the feet?

What’s with the feet?


BLURB: It’s so wrong it’s right. See what the full power of erotica can be in this Choose Your Own Kink Smutpunk. You will feel so alive that you’ll nearly die!


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Where do we begin?

Have your fans start with the forbidden Bukkake Erotica of episode one.


Blurb: In typical Moctezuma style this is the male hotel party gangbang fantasy gone mad as Moctezuma butts heads with Jynx. That’s right, Moctezuma’s cock ends up banging into Jynx and Jynx starts exacting her revenge as soon as Moctezuma starts to bang another super-sexy Korean sexpot. This one, Jenny, has long legs that walk catwalks and get cat-calls. Jynx, a juicy ass sashaying cumslut, can’t stand her man inside another slut. She will get him to be hers and will stop at nothing. She plans a filthy humiliation for this supermodel slut rival but things never go as planned. Instead there are all kinds of turns and twists and spurts of cock on face and tits and bush and asshole. In this intense, sexy, depraved hotel party, dicks go in so many holes that even nostrils don’t feel safe. The truth is nothing is safe because someone has a cum-craving psycho-obsessive girlfriend. This wreaks havoc all over. It starts with this episode and keeps going deeper and deeper.

Or have them dive into the whole Season One to enjoy the full ride!


Blurb: This is probably one of the best smutpunk books written. It features some bat-shit crazy characters doing stuff that will knock your panties off. I suggest you pour yourself a glass of something strong, close the blinds, bring your toys, and read this book in the dark. Don’t forget to bring tissues! And it’s not a tear-jerker.

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Sex on a Stick

Read Moctezuma’s Love Poems that may melt your panties off!

Book: The Book of Real & Imaginary Girlfriends


Blurb: They say it’s “Bukowski on Steroids.” They say it’s “Kerouac with Lube.” They say it’s “Dali in the Bang Bus.” They say a lot of things but few of them are true. However, poet Misti Rainwater-Lites called it “Sex on a Stick” and that can’t be bad for any little book of poems to get her truth-spewing stain of approval, definitely not for this little smutpunk verse featuring deep, emotional longing.

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sex-manual-promoBook: The Sex Manual: How to Play with his Joystick and Press her Buttons


Blurb: If you’re a sex god/goddess, pat yourself on the back and read this to confirm all the ways you rock. In fact, if you’re that good you can maybe even look down your nose at the pages a bit. However, if you’re not quite a god/goddess, pick up these lighthearted pages and learn a thing or two about pleasing any man, woman, or transgender. Become the life of the (bedroom) party with this handy little manual.

“We learned how to wear our hair in pigtails so you guys can (****-****) better!”

–The Rinyalyn Twins

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