Psychedelic Porn Pictures and SMUTPUNK Erotica


We aren’t getting quite the amount of psychedelic porn pictures that we used to but people are still searching for them. I can offer you some mind-boggling erotica that you may really enjoy. Try The Battle for Alien Relish to quell the psychedelic xxx photo craving. Also, you may want to Learn How to Rappel Down a Giant Dildo before you see some of the archive photos below.


Psychedelic Porn Pictures:psychedelic-porn-pictures-erotica

  1. Lava Lamp Dildo Porn – a Psychedelic Experience with Tits and Asses

    Featuring psychedelic kissing and pulsing book covers

  2. Psychedelic Porn: Asian Asses Bent Over –


  3. psychedelic porn | manufactured for Moctezuma Johnson

    Moctezuma Johnson is the King of Psychedelic Literary Porn Poems

  4. Psychedelic Cum Squirt | Blacklight Cumshot | MJ

    See her go to work in blacklight


The Adventures of Sarchasmo Versus Apographia | #EARTG #MrBrtg


Below you will find a very short excerpt of a short little ditty released today. This piece has a lot of balls and cock (sometimes in ziploc baggies) but absolutely no sex, so be forewarned.

This 2,000-word short short is a reaction to the copycats who have flattered me quite a bit recently. Thank you, all!

My readers don’t want black and white, they want color, and light, and drama, and futas, and fully articulating arms.



Cover Reveal of FUTADELIC | the new one by Moctezuma Johnson 3====D

Futadelic - The Power of Potion

You’ve been waiting for the new one by Moctezuma Johnson. You have your reading device, you’ve poured yourself a whiskey, you’ve drawn the curtains, turned on your vibrating toy, and you’re ready to read some literary porn. You’ve been waiting for the prince of page porn, the self-proclaimed (yes, I know it’s ridiculous) King of Erotica to drop his new book down on your genitals (ouch!). Well, here it is: 9,000 words of pure #futadelic mayhem. So what does Futadelic look like?


Without further ado I give to you…




The Power of Potion


The story of Dr. Peter Engle in the seedy black markets of Bangkok. Think starfish, think crab, think amputee. Think wires crossed, think dick-girl. Think Futa Mayhem!





The Full Unadulterated Cover

Futadelic - The Power of Potion

Futadelic – The Power of Potion


The Censored (but still fucking awesome) Cover

The Power of Potion

The Power of Potion