Option B: Get up in there and bury your cock up her ass and fuck her senseless


Get up in there and bury your cock up her ass and fuck her senseless

See the thing about black ass that’s so special is that even though it took intense, skin stretching growth spurts to build the foundation of the black ass the color of the skin hides most of the veins and stretch marks. They are there but they aren’t ass obvious as on a white girl’s ass. Also, like the Chinese ass, the dark ass is solid. Once cock is up that tight hole the rest of the ass cheek is rock hard. It doesn’t flap around loosely like some kite on windy beach, it holds its position like a guard outside Buckingham palace.

Once inside G-strung’s ass, you fuck hard and your body bangs against hers. Her ass ripples, ever so slightly while your balls smash against her empty cunt lips.

You’ve never had a black ass before. You’ve always had white…

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Option B: Get up in there, bury cock up her ass, & fuck her senseless