Option B: Get up in there and bury your cock up her ass and fuck her senseless


Get up in there and bury your cock up her ass and fuck her senseless

See the thing about black ass that’s so special is that even though it took intense, skin stretching growth spurts to build the foundation of the black ass the color of the skin hides most of the veins and stretch marks. They are there but they aren’t ass obvious as on a white girl’s ass. Also, like the Chinese ass, the dark ass is solid. Once cock is up that tight hole the rest of the ass cheek is rock hard. It doesn’t flap around loosely like some kite on windy beach, it holds its position like a guard outside Buckingham palace.

Once inside G-strung’s ass, you fuck hard and your body bangs against hers. Her ass ripples, ever so slightly while your balls smash against her empty cunt lips.

You’ve never had a black ass before. You’ve always had white ass. You’re not a racist. You just haven’t had a chance to get around much. You’ve always been the type to kind of stick to yourself. You went to parties. You had black friends. You knew lots of white girls with black boyfriends and husbands, but you just never dipped your stick in chocolate pussy. You’re not sure how it happened. But here she G-strung was ass up and face down looking absolutely scrumptious and you would be a fool not to partake in a little black booty. You could choose her cunt or her ass or take a dip in each. You climbed on top of her and it was nothing like sliding easily onto your wife’s mushy body. This was like climbing Everest. It took effort. It took an oxygen pack to scale this great big black ass. It had to be 4.5 kilometers up into the sky. Once you were up there, you already felt like you had accomplished something. Then you found the balls to push your dick into the soft folds of this black chick’s flesh. Your cockhead spread her pink insides open. She slipperily slid onto you until her cunt lips gripped the base of your dick. She used her lips to pitch a tent to protect you from all the ills of life. Deep in that pussy you were safe from the weather, from domestic bullshit, from your asshole boss, from monotony. You were happy in there and considered letting your desire to cum, to shoot seed overtake you and finish inside this cunt, but you got a stronger desire to try this bitch’s ass. You pulled the cock out. Her lips held you tight but ultimately acquiesced to your every desire. Her asshole was a perfectly symmetrical triskaidecagon. You pushed your head into it and soft the soft anus flesh pushed back gently like a soft lever, like a flower petal, like a wormhole in one of your outer body experiences. You felt a pit in your gut. You were fucking this black hooker (it’s not pejorative, she was literally black and a hooker) up her ass. When you tried with your wife it was always awkward and a little hostile. Your wife tried hard but her ass acted tight and uncooperative like a country club did with minorities. But this black hooker, G-strung, had an ass like a rest stop. Anyone could come and enjoy a little break from the horrors and boredom of day to day life. You pushed your cock all the way. There was nothing stopping you from going balls deep until your nuts were smacking her wet sloppy cunt lips. There was no vaginal wall that your cock head could bang against painfully. G-strung’s asshole was infinite pleasure. Well, it wasn’t infinite, but the pleasure went deeper than your cock, so from your perspective it was infinite——holy shit, you were beginning to cum and a new choice broke your train of thought.

Well, stud, looks like you have another hard choice to make, you sodomizer: