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Three erotic poems for Lady

These poems were requested using the poem request service


For Lady


Lady’s face is pretty
But so it her bottom

He holds her chin
in his hand to examine

He looks her over
She shivers with trepidation

But he is very pleased
And caresses the back of her neck

Before planting a kiss
That makes her little hairs stand.

Up my ass
He loves me
So open to him
Open my asshole
Raw hard and mean
Cause he loves me after

Baby, even your armpit is beautiful
He pulled down her halter top
Both of her tits proudly splashed out
Like raindrops
Big, round drops
From a thunderstorm
Not the little sprinkle of some bullshit sunshower.


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Two Poems for Sherri (aka the Ardent Rose)

A poem

love poem for sherri. i once had a chick named sherry
but let’s not get into her tight shaved slit willing ass right now
that deliciously slutty cocksucker, no, let’s write a love poem
not a sex poem, let’s write about respect, and ardent roses thank you poem
about brains bitches and ballistic missile code poems


Two Poems for Sherri (aka the Ardent Rose)


1. my kind of girl


there’s a woman at a digital easel

drawing silver-age-style-comics

she swipes the screen

the yellow gas mask girl yellowly slides on

then feverishly white pixels beat down black words on the page

the whole easel has become Alien Relish, guey

not the slimey protein, but the book, my book

my kind of bad-ass, smutpunk chick, chic chale


2. i love reviews

five stars being the anal sex of reviews

the deepthroat foreplay

the kind that makes your teeth fall out

that makes you bite your own finger

til blood flushes yourself down

the worm hole til you pop out

basted gooily in alien relish floatingly

floating the river of titty-cocks

bouncing soft squishy titties

bumping pinball sac futanari

as you float down the river

you see a girl with smutpunkadelic eyes

at an easel drawing the situation

the one from your brain, deep and cutely

as the other side of the wormhole seals

your cock explodes with digital code

a virtual verified review

thank you