Bimbo Honor | a poem of respect for women


Bimbo Honor

her tits are torpedoes and ETFs:
double F tits
she never pays for a thing,
a triple A credit rating
from Davao to Madagascar
even on the island of Java
they kneel to this Queen bitch
carve statues in her esteemed
breasty bimbo honor

yet the puritan-looking office girl
riding the train with blouse buttoned to neck
she’s the one that will take a bukkake
cum pooled in her eye socket
jiggling with each thrust of cock
into her red swollen cunt
she’s the one that will take every whim of her boss
kneeling under the desk obediently
while he’s on the phone to overseas
tasting her bosses wife’s pussy juice on his cock
as she swallows it down her expertly trained throat
while double F girl
with her bouncy goodness
and nipples like small pink
button candies
hasn’t had cock
since 2009
and is happier that way


…FB censors, Moctezuma flashes…

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Line from The Book Of Real and Imaginary Girlfriends

The Book of Real and Imaginary Girlfriends -- Erotic Poems from the King of Erotica

Line from The Book Of Real and Imaginary Girlfriends

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I love that your cock is the size of one of the Petronas Towers! she said. #Blowjob #LPRTG

— Moctezuma Johnson (@MJKingOfErotica) March 17, 2017


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Total Hottie

Literary Porn Poetry
That would make any chick smile

That would make any chick smile

A Total Hottie
by Moctezuma Johnson


This is one hot babe
sucking a finger
a chupa chups
a cock
slut-netted out like a fish
this girl is all wet
and slippery
after she kneels
you grab her by the hair
you push cock into throat
she barely makes that gag sound
that mmphhh mmpphhh, the pro
you pull it out
paint her face
her breasts
now you’re ready to think again
you stay hard
she is hot
on all fours
spreading her holes for you
when you slide in
you are sure that you are
the luckiest man alive
until you nut inside her


The Book of Real and Imaginary Girlfriends

The Book of Real and Imaginary Girlfriends -- Erotic Poems from the King of Erotica
Why do hot girls hold starbucks

Hot girls hold coffee in their hands and dildos in their bags

What goes on behind closed doors? What goes on in the shadows of alley ways? This book of erotic poems and fiction from Moctezuma Johnson yanks the doorknobs from the doors and throws the doors open like a Sexual Cowboy busting into a Rough Saloon. Each poem is a spotlight onto a private act. As you read you get to be voyeur to the most intimate moments. You get to see things most people don’t want you to, things you have always wanted to see. You get to be the dirty things

themselves in this blend of Porno-Literary Madness laced with sexual tension and an overriding sense of longing for women and love. This book of poems and fiction is poignant, it is perverse, it is perverted, it is lonely, and it truly explores the human condition.

Some fans said, “It’s Bukowski on Steroids.”


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Please keep in mind, these poems feature hot Asian chicks in many compromising positions. There is rough sex, dubcon, cumshots, anal, humiliation, and more.