Brick Pig Poem

is she a pig?

is the pig real?

is the pig real on the brick wall?

is the brick wall where pigs go to oink?

is there even a head in that bitch?

I can’t believe I got a cappucino out of her

she let me cum all over her face yesterday

cum on her tongue, chin

on her hair!

on her left cheek

right cheek

both tits


not only did she blow me

while dripping with cum

but she


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Too Groggy to Realize This Sexy Woman is My Wife | #Poem #SmutpunkPoem

Gorgeous Wife and Big Breasts

my eyes are barely open
moon hangs low nearly tapping the window
some woman’s breasts
tap against my chest hair

groggy hands caress her hair and neck
slide down her arched back
find her ass-cheeks
marvel at the roundness

sliding inside this woman
the joy of new pussy
envelopes me deeply
her breasts are wonderful

she uses her hips expertly
just how I like.
How can she know my body so well,
this stranger
cascading in the moonlight
bringing me to the edge
then backing off

leaning back
exposing her amazing tits
tight midriff

she kisses me so deeply
as I fill her with all my juice
we stay like this, kissing

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4:00 am Tryst | #smutpunkpoem #poem #LPRTG

She sleeps on the floor with the baby

I sleep on the bed

We meet in the middle of the night

Like two school kids sneaking out there windows

We meet quick strip quick

Get right to it

Cock pussy titties shaking

Am I awake or dreaming?

Nico, Oh, Nico (and my dirty talk feet)

oh nico
i will blow him
my MJ in front of you
while you jerk your cock
and after MJ has fucked me
hard from mouth to psychedelic chakra
til chi drips from my gaping asshole
i give you my feet
long bony toes
toes of a supermodel
spew cum onto them

i am flexible enough
to eat your cream off them

Brick Pig Poem

on the brick

the spray-paint drips

as the artist

shapes her breasts

like butter

on top of a pancake

lathered in syrup

like an old 80s pop song

sweet as can be

is there even a head in that bitch?


on the brick

inside are whatever families

tenements, projects,

crackheads, cheaters, rapists

and cop killers

but outside

the spray-painter

in hoodie

drips syrupy goodness

of a big juicy pair

is there even a head on the bitch?


Fucking Her Face for Fear of Failure

he held her ankles

while she faced away from him

and rode him reverse cowgirl

taking his big brown dick

in her pink asshole

there was a line from her nose

to her chin

that passed her mouth

where dick stuffed her

only her two front teeth

were visible

as he fucked her face

for fear of failure

Drunk Wife

She was drunk in her heels



the chain clinking

her sheer top showing her nipples

her pussy wet

and her mouth slurring words

slut slut slut

she kept repeating after him

when he fucked her hard from behind

he had his hand on the small of her back

her ripe ass took dick

spread open




every minute

of dick

every minute

of cumming

his cream painted slut on her

he stood up

he dropped down her

as he sat and grabbed a beer

her husband fucked her

har from behind

sje bounces up and down

wjile hubby begged her to slow down

he watched the bull’s cum drip

down his wife’s ass