Bimbo Honor | a poem of respect for women


Bimbo Honor

her tits are torpedoes and ETFs:
double F tits
she never pays for a thing,
a triple A credit rating
from Davao to Madagascar
even on the island of Java
they kneel to this Queen bitch
carve statues in her esteemed
breasty bimbo honor

yet the puritan-looking office girl
riding the train with blouse buttoned to neck
she’s the one that will take a bukkake
cum pooled in her eye socket
jiggling with each thrust of cock
into her red swollen cunt
she’s the one that will take every whim of her boss
kneeling under the desk obediently
while he’s on the phone to overseas
tasting her bosses wife’s pussy juice on his cock
as she swallows it down her expertly trained throat
while double F girl
with her bouncy goodness
and nipples like small pink
button candies
hasn’t had cock
since 2009
and is happier that way


…FB censors, Moctezuma flashes…

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