Ass-Stretching Game played with a Room Full of Whores and a Crozier | by the fucked up Moctezuma Johnson

Just in case you were wondering

Just in case you were wondering

Whose Ass is it Anyway

The Taste Test


So I’m in Diablo City

on a trike

getting dust in my face

smoking a red


So I’m in a bar

and there are girls laying

all over each other

licking tequila shots


off each other’s body

high on the smell

of my dough

and balls


So I’m in this motel

they call it a residence

but it’s a dive

and I have them each in pig masks


in a neat circle on the bed

all facing away

like piglets in a dirty pen

all their asses


pointing to the ass across the way

and I climb in the center

i’m the shepherd to these lost souls

i have a crozier


and i’m inserting the non-crooked end

into one girl’s hole at a time–

is it cunt or cornhole?

after counting backwards from 3


When i reach 0 they yell out

“cunt!” or “cornhole”

and then the girl just staffed

says which hole I’d just stuffed


It’s lots of laughing

lots of stuffing

lot’s of wrong answers

lot’s of smacks on asses for wrong answers


So I’m in this bitch’s anal cavity

and she yells out “cunt!”

like only a really dumb bitch would

and we have a new game


guess whose ass you’re tasting

and she is the first contestant

and the first one to fail