These Asian Tits are Psychedelic again

these asian tits
are psychedelic again

luminous as orange fish eggs
sitting on a fine Japanese china.

these asian tits
are speaking French again

scraping melted raclette cheese
off a grill and onto a baguette

these asian tits
are creating puddles of titty milk

the kind that men tied to chairs
can drown in

these asian tits
are eating candied apples

the kind you used to get in halloween
before nuts baked them with razor blades insides

these asian tits
are swinging in my face

i’m howling like a howler monkey
as I dump my load up this asian cunt


more psychedelic asian tits

Avalanche Cum

a tit with cum
on the mountain face
like mountain snow
rattled loose
each sperm searching
a warm wet hole
to komdo its competition
off the stage
an avalanche
down the tit
past the nipple
the whole tit
shakes with
it slides
down blanched white
tit skin
to that dark pink
and ski jumps off
and onto the floor

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Is it derogatory to call a woman (or a man) a pig?

If the person is dirty and smells homeless then probably. If it’s a method of fat shaming then probably yes. But if it’s a term of affection, a term used to elicit the sublime animal nature of our desire, then no. Pig is not derogatory. Get naked and play with me and let me call you pig and see for yourself.

Do you like to be called Pig?
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Pig #57

The Biography of Pig No. 57
The Biography of Pig No. 57

Pig No. 57 has big ass and hips. I met her at a bar sipping a martini. I could see her cleavage from her low cut blouse. This type of chick was rare in Korea. I quickly made her into a cum pig. She sucked and ate cum. She loves cum on her tits. She loves big cock in her. She likes white cock, she likes brown cock, she likes Asian cock, too, as long as it isn’t tiny. She became a slut and donned the pig mask with pride. She is Pig No. 57. Stamped and approved by Doctor Smutpunk.

The Biography of Pig No. 57

Pig Wife

I threw the wife down
Face in couch
Ass up
pushed down
on the small of her back
her ass pushed back
Her cunt swallowed my cock
“You’re a dirty cunt!” I said
slapped her face
“You slapped my eye!”
“Cause you’re a filthy pig!”
I lfted her up off the floor
Fucked that pig cunt deep
Felt her pussy dripping
all over my dick
I can never believe
How lucky I am
She loves being called pig



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Another Reason it’s Advantageous to Have a Slave

Poem to My Slave

by Moctezuma Johnson

hey, whore!
buy me water, orange juice
before you come over
to suck on my fat cock
in the elevator
i take the bags
light one cigarette you brought
then bend you over to
diddle your ass with my blacklight marker
the elevator fluorescent light is busted
so it’s dim and blinks
and the blacklight etchings light up

the nasty glowing markings on your skin


Another Reason it’s Advantageous to Have a Slave

cumwhore, jizz-pig, slave
the words glow in the mirror
the whore sees herself suck and suck
and suck and suck
looks confused as she sees herself
with metallic ash falling on her butt cheeks
as i smoke and get my fat dick sucked
by a glowing cumwhore
until i spurt jizz into the whore’s mouth
make the pig swallow all my warm goodness
i disengage the elevator “stop” switch
we whir and move up to a waiting person
it’s a MILF who lives upstairs
she gets in before realizing i’m smoking
and that i have a slave with nasty etchings on it
maybe the MILF can’t even read EnglishTheMostLickableAssEver
my pig thanks me for letting her eat it
then points to “white man’s slave” on her thigh
when i ask which words are her favorite
now the MILF is slack-jawed
we get to the bottom and the MILF scurries out
we are again alone in the elevator
her skin blinking “cum whore slave”
like a slutty Morse code
i activate the stop switch
then i pull off her shorts and ream the pig’s tight asshole
hard and mean
her body shakes and rattles
i push cock up to her last bit of tissue
she screams like anymore depth will rupture her
i smile and shoot a second load
up her glowing pink hole
she’s property of moctezuma
johnson pumping its last drops
then i take the bags and walk to my apartment
and leave her to go back down and walk out

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Her Changing Body | Sex with Pregnant Wife

Girl Rocks Sucking Dick

Originally Called “Body Forms”

a poem for #WorldPoetryDay | When is #EroticPoetryDay? I nominate 6/9


before getting pregnant,

or when she first got pregnant,

she had a massive ass

two watermelons held by a harness:

her tiny waist

that cowered in the shadow of

her two big juggs.

now her whole body

was a kind of a big pear

not the American kind—

that juice-less apple rip-off—

the big, juicy, wet Korean Pear.

I slip a pig mask over her head

my cock is deep in her and I hold it there

she grinds

her nails are in my ass cheeks

this pig-masked thing is about to orgasm

“Oink,” I say.

she oinks like a pig and the orgasm fades

just momentarily until I start to pound into her hard

and she grinds furiously, oinking oinking oinking



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