Sex Tip #293.7


A Sex Tip for Dummies by Moctezuma Johnson

When to use lotion?

I like using lotion to spray all over my wife’s chin and ass cheeks and tits. She has great tits. She’s one of those genetically blessed Korean women that even though they have a tight midriff and waist has got big tits. Her ass is a side effect of the big tits and is as juicy as a Korean pear. It looks great doused in cum or dipped in lotion.

Lotion is good on the tip of the penis to help with entry. This is especially useful with quickies. That cock head can have trouble getting in a pussy that hasn’t been lubed with foreplay. Nobody wants “red head” just because of a little sex.

Lotion is good on the 11th ride of the day, when the skin is all chaffing and the penis head is turning red. Plus all that exertion leaves the whole body dry. Drink some water. Put on some lotion.

Lotion is good when you’re a goon. I’m a goon. I’m a chronic masturbator. I was a sex addict but that has changed with age. I was fucking young coeds all over the place but I was getting myself into too much trouble, so I’ve become more of a porn addict. It’s sad and lovely. I can sit for hours and edge and then shoot a load big enough to knock down the wall and bust in on my neighbors doing math homework with their 7-year old. Yeah, the walls aren’t so thick in this part of the city and my cumshot is like five missiles. Watch your car windows!

Check out the Chronicles | #LPRTG #AsianErotica #AWWM | Asian Smutpunk at it’s most fucked up!

chronicles-of-a-humiliation-backfired-jynx-smutpunkAsian Smutpunk at it’s most fucked up!

These chicks in the Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired by Moctezuma Johnson are super hot with long Asian legs, full tits, and juicy asses. They are as bat shit crazy as they are smoking hot. Meet Cum-Crazed Jynx, for example, who cannot get enough of MJ and Chase and literally stores them in her purse and around the house to mix in with her morning coffee (click link to read excerpt). Read “Chronicles” to see what sex in Asia is like when a White Male meets an Asian Female (AWWM).

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Asian Smutpunk at it’s most fucked up! And smutpunk is always pretty damn fucked up. 

Tudung & Titties the Big Malay Tits & Ass #TittyTuesday Show #AsianErotica

Tudung & Titties the Big Malay Tits & Ass #TittyTuesday Show #AsianErotica1
images (3) p164647823

Nothing like Phat Booty

there’s nothing like phat booty
and big tits
whether white, dominican, or malay

there’s nothing like phat booty
and long legs
with thick lips that suck cock

there’s nothing like phat booty
rjotna7du9ltizicmg0u thick-middle-eastern-girls-16

with the fucking hijab on
i bent the slattern bitch
cock to tip of anus
Fuck my ass, MJ, please

she purred in her language
hard as an English speaker
learning Arabic
I did her deep in the alphabet

until she yelled, Aleph Aleph Aleph
as her husband bust in on us

Read Malay Erotica #AsianErotica written by Smutpunk Wife Emme Hortumblr_mrrfqqLTiX1sd3nlpo4_500

Tudung & Titties (and maybe some thick, juicy booty)


Read all about some Malaysian girls and a hot, alpha male in SMUTPUNK on SKATES

tumblr_nyz0xj1kg41uxakdgo1_1280 6ac56b1d04d0ec951792c1a50bbec96e big-ass-arab-hijab-sex-muslim-girls

you’re just…

you’re just a rectum to destroy
i don’t even know your real name
you’re just a rectum to destroy
i don’t even know if you’re married or not
you’re just a rectum to destroy
not even sure what you were doing on line when we met
you’re just a rectum to destroy

images (2)


fucked her ass

i had her wait for me
head in the toilet
tudung soaking wet
dildo deep up her ass
massive purple
twice the size
of my big cock
i pushed it in
watched her tits
go crooked
flipped her ass up
into the air
fucked her asspulled out of her gaped hole
as she looked up at me
glasses floated
in the toilet
I sprayed all over head scarf

tumblr_nj9iihPoFF1r2jqw1o1_500 tumblr_nle77jWTjx1tgsc7uo2_500 Shhhh, she says
as I suck on her nipples
she jerks me off
while her husband
is in the other room
working tumblr_nty85gNuzF1ucysuao1_540

The Asian Chick Strikes Back | #AsianErotica #Futa #smutpunk4lyf



moctezuma-johnsonasian sexy
asian sexyasian-ass-smutpunk-moctezuma-johnson-fixes-hot-rod
best-chinese-ass-booty-PAAG-moctezuma-johnsonasian sexy
asian sexy







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I Am Not a Whore

Smutpunk on Skates

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Enjoy some Asian Smutpunk:

Romancing the Hot Stone by Moctezuma Johnson

Book Description:

Alpha Billionaire CEO always gets everything he wants until he gets burned. A powerful CEO wants wants a masseuse badly but this comedy goes buck wild when he slips while trying to coerce the young Asian masseuse to give him extra pleasure. He falls into the boiling crock pot heating the hot stones and enters the mind- and body-warping Futa Romantic Comedy. All the tables get turned in this Asian Masseuse v. White CEO futa slug-fest.

Book Review:

“Romancing the Hot Stone is what I would call an exceptionally filthy, inappropriate, erotic comedy. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what smutpunk is all about. Larry is an arrogant, racist, abusive businessman who ends up nearly losing his manhood in an unfortunate accident. It serves him right but, of course, he does not see it that way. As much fun as it is to see him nearly emasculated, the true pleasure comes in seeing the tables turned, with the masseuse being the one to get her revenge. There is a lot of build up here, with the sex saved for the very end, but the telling of the story is what makes it so amusing.” —Sally Bend, authority on transgender fiction. 


asian sexy





Be Sure to Enjoy more Hot Asian Erotica by Emme Hor

I Am Not a Whore

Smutpunk on Skates




The Asian Chick Strikes Back, blog post by Moctezuma Johnson

BBW Korean About to Get Used


tumblr_ndzcu8IHAA1rgcnb1o1_5002BBW perched


The thing about the Korean BBW is that she’s considered a BBW even if she’s just a little thick by Western Standards. That’s the insanity of Korean body image. When I type Korean BB I really want the last letter to be Q and then talk about eating kalbi or bulgogi or makchang or some other great bit of Korean food, but this blog—although it does like food—tends to gravitate towards sex. So let’s get back to the BBW Korean in all her juicy sexiness. You’ll notice that her waist is tight and flat yet her hips are big and thick and she sports a juicy set of tits that she can squeeze together.


BBW Korean Poem


BBW Koreanneeds dick hard up the ass

BBW Korean needs her hair pulled

BBW K0rean needs to be yanked down to her knees

BBW Korean my hand on her throat when she cums


BBW Korean needs…

…her duck lips turned into dick lips

…her face smushed into my balls where she can tongue down and lick my hairy ass

…to lick up my cum from the floor while I stuff her ass

…her own post on my website where I can show the slut off to the world






Red Pesca loves BBWs





Red writes about women in compromising positions. His series follows paranormal happenings as they pertain to a BBW.




Click the Big Tits on either side to get stories from Red Pesca featuring BBWs in some fantastic situations that you need to read to believe. Ever witness a tit-weighing? But choose wisely. An incorrect choice could lead to trouble. Beware! Hehehehe!

Tudung & Titties (and maybe some thick, juicy booty) | #PAAG #Bokep #LPRTG


Tudung & Titties (and maybe some thick, juicy booty)


Emme Hor is a Malaysian-Korean living in the US writing with her husband Moctezuma Johnson about the other side of Asia. Forget the submissive asian with the skinny boardlike body. This is the juicy Phat Ass Asian Girl with Chili Powder on her nipples and a Vibrator in her pocket. So sexy, lah! Have a few clicks around and try some of Emme’s #AsianErotica with a #smutpunk flair and click some images to see some real amateur Malaysian Bokep (porn). smutpunk-on-skates

Smutpunk on Skates

Heather wiggles into tight yoga pants and skates back to her ex for some cherry poppin’ good times featuring butt plugs.

romance-con-macho-alfa-billonario-smutpunk-espanol Moctezuma-johnson-emme-hor-smutpunk-presents-girls-carrying-books




Cruise Missile Builder, Bukkake Taker, Book Publisher, Divorce Maker, Blog Wrecker, Ass Spreader  




emme hor books

SMUTPUNK Kimchi Squat

Emme Hor’s Malaysian Big Tit Sexy Roller Skate Erotica


russian asian ass



tumblr_nyz0xj1kg41uxakdgo1_1280 6ac56b1d04d0ec951792c1a50bbec96e big-ass-arab-hijab-sex-muslim-girls images (2) images (3) p164647823 rjotna7du9ltizicmg0u thick-middle-eastern-girls-16 tumblr_mrrfqqLTiX1sd3nlpo4_500 tumblr_mxf79y4wDr1sg6lf3o1_1280 tumblr_nj9iihPoFF1r2jqw1o1_500 tumblr_nle77jWTjx1tgsc7uo2_500 tumblr_nty85gNuzF1ucysuao1_540

Enjoy some hot Malay Women in traditional tudung headscarves showing off their juicy big titties and phat Asian asses. Not all Asians are the flat board types. Here are the other half. Enjoy! funny-porn-skates

Four Book Covers:

MILF Asian Smutpunk

MILF takes on an Alpha Male in this Asian SMUTPUNK Women’s Adventure


Read all about some Malaysian girls and a hot, alpha male in SMUTPUNK on SKATES


Bent over ass from Tumblr

there’s nothing like an ass bent over, is there? Follow “johnson” on tumblr if you want to see some nasty photos. If you’re not into XXX hardcore porn, then steer clear! You’ve been warned.exclusive-cuckold-creampie-poem

Try some Exclusive Smutpunk.

Cover Reveal: Bored to Tears by my Asian Husband | by Moctezuma Johnson @MJKingOfErotica

Literary Porn Smutpunk

See the Bored to Tears post on


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