Billionaire Boss Erotica – Who doesn’t jizz their pants for that? | My Review of Office Policy by Connie Cliff

Office Policy – Review by Moctezuma Johnson

This Billionaire’s playground is the kind of office where I can work. I’m not one for offices, I’m more for orifices, but an office where guys are well-endowed and women are augmented in the right spots, where you can forget about working in cubicles and concentrate on working on bisexuals is my kind of comfortable work environment.

MJ has fucked so many office workers up the ass

Find out what Lucy’s office responsibilities will be

I always think of corporate culture as a drag: worrying about how much you drink at the Christmas party not seeing how little lube you can use when giving it to the hot new assistant.

Connie Cliff’s writing, as always, is great. It’s clear and crisp. Right from the start I was in love with Lucy — this rich girl who was insatiable in the bedroom, getting bored of her boyfriends, and open about her goody drawer. As the story moved forward I was there with her every lick of the way. This story was really hot, featuring a great MMFF anal scene that got me so hot I had to jerk it before getting up (I read it first thing in the morning).

This is the latest of Connie’s work to get my two dicks up!! I never want to work, but if I have to it’s going to be at this office.