They sometimes call it Alien Relish. Cum. Splooge. Jizz. Baby Batter. Nut Butter. Gorilla Glue.

You had poured the custard right over her asshole. You were trembling with excitement. Your cock was out and you were involuntarily stroking it while you had your CumOnG-Strung-SEXcapadeface buried in her solid ass cheeks. As soon as you saw the custard hit her asshole you couldn’t contain it. Your splooge jettisoned out of your cylindrical cock like a missile firing from a submarine.  Your jizz mixed with the custard making a kind of cum-custard bi bim bap. All of this was happening to you rather than by you. You were merely watching in awe as you buttered her custard covered ass with your nut sauce. Your cock was on fire. You were nearly in tears with desire and joy. G-strung was taking your cum shot all over her gorgeous ass. Today was everything you had asked for!

The End

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