I adore her body

The smoothness of her skin reminds me life can be soft

The warmth of her lips keeps me safe and flecible

Her nipples tell me I’m in the right place

The hunter in me can relax

simply enjoy her for what she is

Featured image from @yoonji_booty on Instagram. Best booty in the world.


Some Tits Look Better In the Bra – A Poem

she pulled the bra down

and her tits were held
a brief moment
they fell from the unnatural
cleavage position
into real breasts that kind of settle
blend into chest
melt into rest of body
and the riddles of time
for one brief moment
before they moved
they held like victory itself
held by bra
fallen, vanquished

oh exquisite cellulite that creates bliss!
must you break loose of your perfect round smoothness
into your pixelated cottage cheese below each nipples
and deform from two perfect orbs into this?

Fuck it, I take her nipple into my mouth and suck


poem about big tits | #BigTits #LPRTG


in love with her big tits

there’s nothing

like a big pair,

is there?

nothing like

when she shakes

her shoulders

and they bang

into your face

nothing like jizzing

in her mouth

and watching

her drip your cum

down onto her pink


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