Tribute to Mohammad Ali

Tribute to the late, great Mohammad Ali

I got this very long, I mean 15-20 hours long, 6 DVD box set while I lived in South Korea. At first I would put it on with hot dates over, so they would get bored and then want to do anything but watch and end up giving me head on the balcony while we smoked. I had lots of dates and watched these endlessly (I used the same theory and practice with dates and Shaolin Temple movies). The more I watched the Ali documentaries however the more drawn into this great man’s life I became. I hadn’t realized that I had always been a disciple. My family also had its last name stolen and I could relate to tons of the racial injustices Mohammad was pointing out in his charming, classy way. Now that’s class. True class. This man beams class. I was abroad and learning tons about Islam. I don’t mean Fox News Islam. I mean real Islam, the moderate, educated, peaceful Islam that abounds in Indonesia, Malaysia, Qatar, UAE, and scores of other peaceful, prosperous countries in Asia. I was considering adding religion to my life (I wasn’t raised in any religion, as you must know by now) and had read all the holy books and found the Quran the most interesting, to be frank. Point is, I watched these documentaries and Mohammad Ali became a huge role model in my life. I always kept a photo of him on the wall by my work space, I wore T-shirts with him on them so I could engage people in conversation about him, and I read and watched more and more about him. In the wake of his death, I’d like to share a few clips that I think sum up his incredible contribution to society. If you’re white and do know much about him, shame on you! Stop whatever you’re wasting your life with and find out about this man. He’ll wake you up to many things that you take for granted. At absolute minimum, watch the videos I’ve curated (lol) and posted here. Hopefully, this will be a springboard to watching many many many more videos about Ali. The single most amazing thing about Ali was that he would have been famous for either of his two careers even if the other career didn’t exist, both boxing and activism. That in itself is a nearly unrivaled accomplishment. Allow Ali to speak for himself.


Watch Mohammed explain his opinion that wins over many white people:


A longer stretch of one part of this video (there’s some serious wisdom here):


This speech in Africa before the Rumble in the Jungle is a bit of a rant (but it still contains wisdom):


If you’re white, you may have never even thought about this stuff. If you’re a person of color, you’ll be nodding along: