Appendix from MJ’s new book: The Sex Manual #SexManual #LPRTG #HowTo


This Appendix for the Sex Manual is TOO HOT for Kindle, so here it is in the warm safety of Moctezuma’s genitals, err, website. There is a wealth of information here, so please read through it carefully and feel free to ask any questions below.


Anal Lube

  • [amazon text=Cleanstream Relax Desensitizing Anal Lube, 17oz&asin=B0091PJDX0]thesexmanualadvert7-5-52
  • [amazon text=Shibari Personal Lubricant – Water Based 8oz Bottle&asin=B00G5K7L24].



Butt Plugs

  • [amazon text=PURE Njoy Metal Butt Plug Large 4 Inch Polished Steel&asin=B00162Q8BG]
  • [amazon text=Beginner Anal Plug Trainer Kit&asin=B016QVT5AM]
  • [amazon text=Njoy Pure Plug Large with Sliquid Sassy Anal Lube&asin=B00AWR93WM]
  • [amazon text=Romi Jeweled Butt Plug&asin=B00VHG12FI]



Fake Jizz

For those of you who would like a quick fix on how to have a lot of fake cum at your disposal, you make like [amazon text=Master Series Jizz&asin=B00E1Q8RMC]. You may want to use that with a [amazon text=Shibari Lube Launcher&asin=B0163DBWW2] (what a name!) or a [amazon text=100ml Syringe&asin=B00N2EMZB8]. This will get cum flying all over the spunky place. And if you aren’t a fan of Master Series, try [amazon text=Tom of Finland’s Seaman Lube&asin=B019G1WF74]. All three Kanojo products are really good. They are very realistic and have the sticky feel of a real thick load. I don’t know how they make it some well! Leave it to the Japanese.

For those of you who would like to make your own follow this Fake Cum Recipe Link. It’s really quite fun to make and you will get so much MORE and more is good.

Once you have your fake cum ready, load it into one of these great squirting dildos, or a water gun, or a lube launcher and have some home-bukkake fun!


[amazon text=Crayola 12-count Ultra-Clean Washable Markers&asin=B003HGGPLW] These are perfect for writing on body parts. If you do the how deep deep-throat challenge, these markers are perfect to swallow as they are non-toxic and ultra-clean. You can mark up a penis good and then suck, lick, and gag until you ingest all the marker and still feel perfectly healthy afterwards.


Masks & Pig Tail

[amazon text=Pig Mask&asin=B0166F2K96] is a really great prop when you call your partner pig. Make him/her oink and do all the nasty things you want.

[amazon text=Pig Tail Anal Plug&asin=B00GXNPEJ0] only adds to the pig’s aura.



  • The Sex Manual (this link could be redundant if you landed on this page from The Sex Manual. Think dressing room mirrors and blowjobs on film)The-Sex-Manual
  • How to Give Good Head
  • [amazon text=The Kama Sutra&asin=0486452379]

Poems about Anal Sex

A few Poems to wet your pussy, I mean, whet your appetite for Anal


If you have any products or idea to suggest, please do so in the comments. Thanks so much for reading!

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