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The Futa Dicksicle Stand by Moctezuma Johnson

It’s out! Live! New Release! Compra compra compra! Damas y Caballeros…Ladies and Gentleman…여러분…download the sticky, creamy dicksicle sisterhood fun now. 

Basic Plot:

A sexually repressed pregnant woman tries to solve hot flashes by a drive to get ice cream. Instead her friendship with her bestie gets tested when a FUTA-on-FEMALE ménage-e-trois is suggested by a sexy, sassy dicksicle cashier. Find out how far our heroine is willing to go to please her bestie and keep the creamsicles milkie.

Funny video about the fucking yeti | #EARTG #LPRTG #SSRTG


Funny Video: Milked by the YETI


Visit the Literary Porn Smutpunk Tag to find all the installments of MILKED BY THE YETI by Moctezuma Johnson and Callie Press. It’s just so bad it’s good: wit-laced B-movie schlock dished out by two of smutpunk’s finest.

Milked by the Yeti | Live on | #LPRTG #EARTG @calliepress lol

yeti rim job to russian

I am writing MILKED BY THE YETI in installments on (the companion site to #LPRTG and

I’ve released the first two installments and the OUTLINE. I think it will be fun to write this in a totally transparent manner. You can see me succeed or you can see me fail, or most likely land somewhere in the middle. I mean, how can a snowed in story with an abominable snowman and a Russian Slut with big tits not be a grand winner?

Go ahead and have a look.


INSTALLMENT ONE of MJ’s Milked by the Yeti ONE

INSTALLMENT TWO of MJ’s Milked by the Yeti TWO

INSTALLMENT THREE of MJ’s Milked by the Yeti THREE

INSTALLMENT FOUR of MJ’s Milked by the Yeti FOUR




An awesome writer, a writer of genius and sex appeal, has expressed interest in writing BOOK two of the fucking yeti series I’ve begun here.



Callie Press does not rest on her laurels. She writes. She said she’d get behind the wheel for a ride on MILKED BY THE YETI and sure ’nuff, here the thing is. Good news, indeed, little newspaper-selling sir!

Also, with Callie’s posts, she has really taken this “be transparent about how you write” stuff far. Her intros and asides are awesome. We are getting tons of positive feedback. Enjoy!


INSTALLMENT ONE of Callie’s Milked by the Yeti ONE

INSTALLMENT TWO of Callie’s Milked by the Yeti TWO

INSTALLMENT THREE of Callie’s Milked by the Yeti THREE

INSTALLMENT FOUR of Callie’s Milked by the Yeti FOUR


Callie Press and Moctezuma Johnson each milked out a book of yeti

You know what, somebody has to make a trailer of these MILKED BY THE YETI books.


BOOK THREE by Moctezuma Johnson

Part One

Part Two

Part Three 

Part Four


And Finally, Book Four by Callie Press has begun!

Part One


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Why a model modelling in a block of ice is appropriate makes more sense when you read part 1 of Book 4