Sex Tip No. 21 – Foot Jobs

Foot Jobs, this weeks sex tip. Since we’ve all got feet, let’s objectify some! 

Sometimes you’ll just want to eat your lover up. There are moments I get overwhelmed by desire. At these moments I can get the urge to show her feet all the love they can take. I have big, strong hands and can use them to stroke, knead, and love the feet attached to the woman I’m with. Now that’s a lot of fun but that’s just the tip of the foot-berg. The feet and their unique curves can be used to jerk off a cock. I mean, fuck, we had bagpiping as a sex tip. If we can use the underarm to achieve orgasm, we most certainly can use a couple of feet. Just place the cock in between and slide it up and down.


There are a few key positions to give a foot job, the jerking of a cock with the feet. She can be on her back with her knees bent like a frog and then push both her feet against the shaft of the cock and start rubbing forward and backward (this can be a good abs workout, too). Another great position is her on her back and the guy staring at her ass as she gets the hole made by two arches against each other fucked. If either of you have a thing for high heels, include them in the fun. There’s nothing like Aztec red heels for pleasuring a cock and they also make a great cum-catching vessel. My personal favorite foot pleasure position is me standing with her jumping up on my back from behind and wrapping her legs around me so that her feet are around my cock (see image).

Story of massage

I attended a writer’s conference in Mexico many years ago and one of the professors got a massage while we were all lounging an drinking beer and smoking. He was an older Canadian gentleman. He had given a reading that was really good that night. There was young upcoming writer with freckles and short blonde hair. I remember it vividly because he was on a chaise lounge moaning and the young coed was going to work on his feet. There was something highly sexual in the air even though nobody spoke about it. It was as if one move and she’d be bent over getting his cock hard from behind, but there was nothing inappropriate—it was just a massage. One can only wonder if the professor later put his cock between her two arches while she lay on her belly and twerked her ass.

The Feet Hold a Lot of Stress

The feet and the top of the head are the edges of our bodies. A lot of chi, if you will, is released from the edges. To put your cock right on the soles of the feet is a wonderful feeling as the cock absorbs all that excess matter that would have otherwise have disappated into the ether. Now you’ve swirled your chi and her chi together. It’s fucking foot fugue now instead of a foot forfeiture.

I tend to think of stress as a bad thing, like it’s going to give me cancer or make me accidentally walk in front of a train. However, stress is a good thing. When managed right, stress can be a motivator, instigator, and lead to incredible releases. The body pre-orgasm is totally stressed out. Ever study someone’s facial features during a romp? That aint the face of someone chilling. Feet meanwhile take a beating all day and hold the stress. That’s why a foot massage feels so good. So using the cock to massage the feet accomplishes a dual release. I’m not saying that having my feet rubbed makes me orgasm, but I am saying that at times I’d prefer a good massage to a hand job. So the feet get relaxed and release the stress, the cock gets stimulated and releases the stress, and then you have a two chill people just hanging out.

It sounds win-win to me.

The difference between a foot job and a foot massage. 

There may be some confusion about this. A foot massage is hands on feet.

foot-MASSAGE-pamper-feet-cary-ncA foot job is cock on feet.


Now you can be sure and speak authoritatively at cocktail parties.


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SEX TIP #6 – Role Play


SEX TIP No. 6 – Role Play

I’m the King of Spain and you’re a captured Moor wife thrown into my harem!

elly-tran-ha-in-korean-sexy-bikiniDon’t just get on top of each other and pump. Give a little historical context to the thing. Maybe you’re the professor and she’s the slutty student. Maybe she’s the Queen of England and you’re an attendant. Maybe you’re a beast and she’s your weak, defenseless prey. Maybe you’re the priest giving her a naughty, nasty, masturbatory penance. Spice it up by playing some roles. It’s XXXmas time so a naughty girl and good santa or vice versa can work, as well as some elf-punks getting jiggy on the rooftops. You really can’t go wrong with a little roleplay. Something about leaving your own constrictions has enormous, exponential freedom attached to it. I highly recommend you pretend to be me and have the time of your life. Oh yeah. Have yourself a SMUTPUNK spree. Read the books and apply reenactments liberally.

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