Hentai Foundry is an Awesome Site! (suggested to me by a cool dude)

Someone once said that if I were to combine the keywords Literary Porn with Chun Li I’d be an instant Erotica Success

Well, that never happened.

It did lead me into a renewed interest in hentai. Here are some incredible drawings by amazing artists found on Hentai Foundry. As a writer, I’m so totally indebted to and in awe of the genius of these talented artists from all over the world. Wow. Check out their pages and commission them for some drawings ASAP. I know I will!





Other great creative futa bukkake links:

I love the cross: http://www.hentai-foundry.com/pictures/user/ScarlettAnn/414936/Natasha-commissipn
Seems like a Five Hive kind of situation: http://www.hentai-foundry.com/pictures/user/anotherartistmore/431252/HEAVY-2