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Excerpt from –

Voices Carry – 1

(Taboo Forbidden Man of the House Erotica)

by July Cumming

The well-endowed man of the house, Tom, overhears a sexy phone conversation between 18-year-old Samantha and her boyfriend. Forbidden desires for the brat flood his mind while he unloads a massive amount of love for her.

Can we do it in your parent’s bed?” Blake loved to get filthy wherever he thought he could get away with doing it. He had fucked most girlfriends in their parent’s bed, shower, car and hot tub. He’d even been so nasty as to fuck one of his girlfriends in her little brother’s room when he was outside playing with friends. He really didn’t care as long as he got off.

Why would you want to do it in my parent’s bed? Isn’t that a little…strange?”

Tom reached his hand into his bottoms and grabbed his cock. The idea of her getting fucked in his bed, was enough to send his hard flesh into stroke off mode. His princess should get punished for the shit she was talking about. Tom’s cock had other things in mind and needed its own punishment.

Oh baby. I think it would be so hot in your parents bed. So dirty, so wrong, so sexy. Can we please do it there?” The thought of fucking his girlfriend in her parent’s bed and taking her virginity really turned Blake on. His strokes quickened.

Really? You would get more turned on if you were fucking me in my mom and dad’s bed? I guess, if that is what you want. I want to make you happy. We do have to clean up our mess after. Can not have them find out! I would be in so much shit. I mean like my dad would kill me.”

Oh yeah, I want you to call me daddy when I make love to you. Better yet, call me big daddy.”

Really? Um, that request is kind of unusual don’t you think? That would be so weird calling you big daddy.

Why baby? Wouldn’t you do it for me?” Blake asked in a charming tone.

For one, my dad is my dad. Yes, he is good-looking for his age and yes, my friends think his silver hair is sexy, but I think it would creep me out a little. Not that he is ew, but the situation is ew. I don’t know.”

Oh baby, I just thought it would be hot. You know, because it’s so dirty. It would intensify our pleasure. It’s like every guy’s fantasy to have his girl call him big daddy.”

Really? I mean I’m not totally against calling you that. I just don’t want you thinking it’s strange when I’m moaning out “give it to me and fuck me daddy”, know what I mean?”

Tom was ready to burst after hearing his girl say “fuck me daddy”. He was happy to hear she didn’t think he was a total drag. Knowing her friends thought he was sexy, turned him on even more so. His nuts were aching at the lingering thought of sleeping with his little girl. If only it could happen. With his wife away, he was in some serious need of getting off. He shifted his weight on the floor, trying to get himself in a better position to view her naked tits. The floor underneath him let out a slight creak as he pumped his dry stiff flesh. Ah, shit.

Oh God, I have to go! I think my dad is up. I’ll think about your request. Have fun getting to sleep. Don’t share my picture.”

In a panic, Tom rapidly pulled out his hand from his pants and headed down the hall to his room next to hers. He flicked on his lamp and closed the door behind him. Tom was in the clear now. She would never know he had listened in on her conversation and was fondling himself to her sweet young breasts just outside her door. His indecent arousal had adrenaline flowing through his entire body.

I mean it Blake. I swear to God, it better not end up on some site.”

It won’t baby. Goodnight. Thanks again.” Blake hung up his phone and continued thrusting his cock into his fist. It took him almost a year to see her breasts. He was glad he didn’t wait for her and had found other things to get his rocks off.

Noticing she had left her door slightly open, she scurried off her bed, scrambled to get her shirt back on and headed to her door. Sammie peered her head out into the hallway. “Daddy? Is that you?” Samantha’s voice trembled as she called out for him. She was so nervous of getting caught with her clothes off. She waited, trying to hear the sound again from the hall and didn’t hear anything or see anyone there. “Daddy?” she whispered. With no reply, she shrugged it off and closed her bedroom door behind her.

Tom rushed off his pants, tossed them to the corner chair and climbed into bed. He scooted his ass up to rest his back against the headboard and grabbed the universal remote off the nightstand. Hitting the power button to the television, he fumbled to change the input to DVD.Hurry up, hurry up. Come on, change already. He banged the remote against his palm thinking it would help. Finally. He then pressed play on the porno already loaded inside the player.

Reaching over to his side-table, he opened the drawer and shoved his hand inside. Feeling his way around the contents, he pulled out his rubber cock-ring and a tube of his favourite lube, ‘Prolonging 4U’. It was a special numbing kind that desensitized his cock from cumming too soon. It was also great for anal sex, but his wife wasn’t into that unless she had too much wine. Tom opened the bottle and drew a line of tingling blue gel up his thick rod. His hand promptly cupped around his prick and began massaging it around his throbbing meat. Fuck that feels good. Tom adjusted the opening of the ring, slid it over his cock-head, down to the base of his shaft and tightened the knot.

He hit the fast forward button to a scene with a young woman in pigtails, riding the cock of an older man. As the girl bounced her small frame up and down the shaft of the buff mature man, she grunted with every thrust driven into her. He imagined the moans were coming from his daughter. Tom closed his eyes and pictured sliding his member inside his little girl. He thought of her getting fucked hard and deflowered by his own prick. Tom jacked off in rhythm of the sounds, giving great pleasure to his deserving numbed cock.

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