Missing Jenny – Psychedelic Smutpunk Poem #smutpunk #LPRTG


i want to send Jenny
a phat juicy ass
and puckered asshole
a watusi mass
and cupboard bowl
velcro’d to a message:
we could have stayed together
i miss pumping your
six hangers
your either holes
your chopsticks
and lemonade mix
no more cliffhangers, baby
just hers
she knows my
secret breathing
get your ugly whore face
over here now
we can swing together
from tit to tit
from ass to ass
like how you love
sneaking up behind me
and tossing my salad






Jenny – a nice poem for a nice girl



i want to send her a messagea-poem-smutpunk-lovemj-anal2
that says either
“if your asshole was nice
we would have stayed together”
“i miss pumping your
ugly whore face.
get over here now”

Jenny | a poem | #LPRTG #Erotic #Poem



i want to send her a message
that says either
if your asshole was prettier,
without that asymmetrical bit,
we would have stayed together

but that flapping chili protruding, yikes

however, i’m looking at her profile photo and getting hardAsianFurrowedBrowBlowjob-Gagging
if your mouth is willing, bring it over here for use

while her lips are wrapped around the root
while the shaft floats in her mouth-space
while the head delves into the depths of membrane
in throat, in trachea, in esophagus

i can’t fathom if this is real
or am i in a dream

i grab her by the tit
pinch her hard as i can
no reaction
she keeps working my cock

i smack her face
her pretty eyes look up at me
i start to pee in her mouth
her face wrinkles in disgust

yep, this must be real


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Hell Hath No Fury like a Cum-Crazed Woman Scorned | #LPRTG #Erotica | Excerpt


Hell Hath No Fury like a Cum like a Cum-Crazed Woman Scorned is one of the lost famous quotes in history. Scholars aren’t sure who it is attributed to but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying Jynx’s revenge.

Okay, I’m just fucking around about the quote. Here’s the real full thing:

Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a cum-crazed woman scorned

Jynx has been mistreated by MJ for a long time. She loves him so much she’ll give him anything he wants in bed, but he keeps cheating with other women. It’s more than that, he strings her along. He booty calls her after dates with other girls and fucks her in the ass before sending her back out to work disheveled and cum-stained. He also has taken to dating the supermodel Jenny. Jynx could handle MJ’s occassional pickup but a steady second girlfriend was too much. Jynx is desperate to destroy Jenny the supermodel slut who has been letting MJ up her ass like she’s his main pussy.

Excerpt of Episode3 of geni.us/Humiliation

Excerpt of Episode3 of geni.us/Humiliation where Hell Hath No Fury…

Episode One of Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired features Jynx’s main plan to humiliate and destroy Jenny. Jynx threatens to slice the bitch up and kneel on her corpse and suck MJ off. This plan backfires and she goes to plan B in Episode Two: Jynx drugged Jenny, tethered her to a parking meter and made her do incredibly nasty things.

Now, Jynx thinks she’s free of Jenny and is obsessed enough to mix MJ’s cum into her morning coffee. She’s obsessed, organized, and well-planned. However, she still hasn’t landed her man. She has employed the help of a gorgeous Russian-Korean nymphet with a tight body. Remember, Hell Hath No Fury, and all that. MJ wakes up in episode 3 in a bus station tied to a wall and in the care of this gorgeous young girl. This episode reveals Jynx’s master plan to exact revenge on Jenny, which leads to a psychotown revelation in Jynx’s freezer.

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