Abusive Sex Book Review | Bait | by Kat Crimson | Reviewed by Moctezuma Johnson

Bait by Kat Crimson

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There’s something really sexy about sex that has taboo elements and apparently Amazon finds this book so taboo that they’ve slapped an Error 404 code on it. Kat Crimson has taken matters into her own hands by just giving it away. I got one of those copies, she had a feeling that I’d like it — and boy was she correct. This story is right up my back alley.

Two Dicks Up / Two Cocks Up

That’s the hardest rating out there, by the way

It’s the story of a guy with a penchant for stalking the shy, innocent type of girls in town. The main character is a wily girl who works in a shop that sells knives. To lure her man, she puts on a facade of timid and bashful, walks by him in her mind-fucking way of getting him to want to hunt her, and most certainly does stir his attention.

What follows is a series of rough, tension filled scenes with her flowing in and out of control over the situation. The result is a really hot sex scene and really hot book. Kat really focuses on the mental aspects of this relationship. If you like a strong cerebral component to a story, then she is one of your better writers.


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