Pig In Hijab – Poem and Photo


Pig in Hijab | poem by Moctezuma Johnsonthe pig wears a hijab with her tits out


the pig wears a hijab
over the ears
and lifts it up
exposing her big meaty
malay tits
she oinks
as i finger her tight

moments ago, her
clit was scared
hiding behind the petals
now it’s out
prancing about
oink oink oink


Is this Clit or Cock? 

Tudung & Titties (and maybe some thick, juicy booty) | #PAAG #Bokep #LPRTG


Tudung & Titties (and maybe some thick, juicy booty)


Emme Hor is a Malaysian-Korean living in the US writing with her husband Moctezuma Johnson about the other side of Asia. Forget the submissive asian with the skinny boardlike body. This is the juicy Phat Ass Asian Girl with Chili Powder on her nipples and a Vibrator in her pocket. So sexy, lah! Have a few clicks around and try some of Emme’s #AsianErotica with a #smutpunk flair and click some images to see some real amateur Malaysian Bokep (porn). smutpunk-on-skates

Smutpunk on Skates

Heather wiggles into tight yoga pants and skates back to her ex for some cherry poppin’ good times featuring butt plugs.

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emme hor books

SMUTPUNK Kimchi Squat

Emme Hor’s Malaysian Big Tit Sexy Roller Skate Erotica


russian asian ass



tumblr_nyz0xj1kg41uxakdgo1_1280 6ac56b1d04d0ec951792c1a50bbec96e big-ass-arab-hijab-sex-muslim-girls images (2) images (3) p164647823 rjotna7du9ltizicmg0u thick-middle-eastern-girls-16 tumblr_mrrfqqLTiX1sd3nlpo4_500 tumblr_mxf79y4wDr1sg6lf3o1_1280 tumblr_nj9iihPoFF1r2jqw1o1_500 tumblr_nle77jWTjx1tgsc7uo2_500 tumblr_nty85gNuzF1ucysuao1_540

Enjoy some hot Malay Women in traditional tudung headscarves showing off their juicy big titties and phat Asian asses. Not all Asians are the flat board types. Here are the other half. Enjoy! funny-porn-skates

Four Book Covers:

MILF Asian Smutpunk

MILF takes on an Alpha Male in this Asian SMUTPUNK Women’s Adventure


Read all about some Malaysian girls and a hot, alpha male in SMUTPUNK on SKATES