A Poem: Will Face Fucking Break Your Heart, Baby? #Erotica #Poem #HotWife

licking her pussy
tongue pressed on her clit
her hand on my head
her hips bucking
she cums

fucking her slow and deep
cock hitting the walls
curved up to press
her g-spot
she cums

“don’t break my heart,”
she squeezes
her massive juggs

“will facefucking that
skinny girl dressed like Chun Li
break your heart?”

i pinch one nipple
of her melons,
“not if you do it
in front of me.”

her eyes go glassy
“not if you grab her neck
shove her down ’til she
makes gagging sounds and
her eyes bulge.”

i squeeze a massive mound
of her titty flesh.
“I can’t do that to a sweet girl
like her. That’s for whores
like you.”

 Is there anything worse than heart break?