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Smutpunk Free Book Mega Giveaway Event 2018 is LIVE all April

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And now…without further ado…

The Freebies:

Cailin Briste

Simone Leigh

SM Pratt

Christy Wilson

Sky Boss

Sayre Ambrosio

Angel Rose
(will be available within 72 hours)

Natalie Keys

Zach Jack

Archer Tinto

 L.M. Mountford

RB Obrien

Patrick Khayler

July Cumming

Lady Ristretto


Reed James


Bryce Calderwood

Debby Drake


Moctezuma Johnson

Shelby Kent Stewart

Emme Hor

Cassandra Dee


Well, that’s the Smutpunk Free Book Mega Giveaway Event 2018.


I hope you have enjoyed. Did you know you were able to Get Over Thirty Books Free at this Mega Giveaway Event?


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Smutpunk Mega Freebie Event 2018


Authors, if you have a book that you’d like to offer to thousands of readers, please join this Mega Smutpunk Event! What we will do is make a homepage with all the books on display. Readers can click and download your book for free. In return, you will get their email address so you can introduce yourself to them and gain a lifetime fan. It’s win-win for everybody!

Smutpunk is looking for the best books in any genre that features a bit of erotica for our upcoming “Honeypot” InstaFreebie Event.


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