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Messing around with a Smutpunk Erotica Giveaway

Win All Kinds of Spunkylicious Swag!

I wanted to make one contest like this where you have to jack or jill off to enter. Now how can I make sure that you do so? How do I verify? Well, there’s no way to be absolutely sure and we are all adults here so I think we can go with the honor system. However, I would like to feel like you’re not cheating in this contest, so I think you should join the mailing list (a contest requirement) and read some hot smutpunk spunklit and that will surely lead you to jack/jill off and everyone wins.


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Look, Luvies! Just because 2017’s Giveaway is over DOES NOT mean that you’re out of luck. Please see 2018’s Smutpunk InstaFreebie Event and the 2018 Smutpunk Raffle!