Jane’s Steak & Blowjob Night Surprise

Steak & Blowjob Short Story

A Steak & Blowjob Tale by Moctezuma Johnson

I wanted to get this ready for Steak & Blowjob 2015 but like usual I am way too late. Better to be late as a writer than as a jazz musician, so I’ll take it. At least this short story about a married couple having some strap-on and gunge fun is ready. Does gunge and strap-on play match? I really don’t know. But that’s how it’s written.

Jane and David have been married for a while and have a yearly ritual in which Jane cooks the steak and gives the blowjob. This year, a role reversal is about to occur.


The onions smelled delicious. She had one hand on the bulb and one on the big dildo, she aimed it at the frying pan and thought about shooting a vanilla cum load onto their steaks. Should she? It could taste good. Vanilla. She heard keys at the door. She shoved the big dildo into her jeans, just like she was a guy who was caught masturbating. The debate whether shooting cum on their steaks was a good idea would have to be postponed until later. David came in and walked right to her. He was a robot. A titty-stalking robot. When tits were out he went right to them like the Frankenstein’s monster and reached for them. He felt the hard nipples while he rubbed her big tits like he was trying to polish them with the balls of his hands. She moaned and they kissed each other deeply. He kissed down her neck and then started to kiss her tits until he pulled up and said, “It smells great. Nothing like steaks and blowjobs.”

“Blowjobs?” she questioned, emphasizing the plural.

“Who knows? Maybe you’ll be up for multiples.”

She went back to the frying pan and flipped the steaks onto dishes. She had also made custard which was simmering in a pot behind the steaks. Maybe that’s why it smelled so good: grease, onions, and custard. Or maybe it was the vanilla jizz she was wearing in a dildo hidden in her jeans. She wondered if David could see her bulge. She looked down. She could see it.

David, her loving husband, poured two glasses of wine. Two UFOs could have passed through the kitchen and flown into the bedroom making chromatic whining noises and he wouldn’t have noticed. That was David. So focused that it was scary. Fixated now on wine and her tits. Fixated on the day and its imminent oral pleasure.

She put the steaks on the table. She was nervous. Her hands were sweaty. How was she going to break the ice that she was wearing a big cock? This was a mistake. She wanted to take it off.

He stood there unbuckling his belt, lowering his slacks, and pulling out his big cock. It was big. It was beautiful. David was still a young man. Technically he was middle aged, but as she looked at his strong abs like the underside of a crab, his sculpted hips, his barrel chest she felt like he was still a gorgeous young man. He kept himself fit. He wore his black hair neat and parted down the side. He had a strong chin. His cock was out and he was expecting that Jane get right to it.

The nerves melted away as she realized the audacity he had to not worry about how to break the ice. She suddenly found herself very cocky. She picked up a slab of the meat she’d just cooked with her bare hands and ripped it apart. She was surprised at her strength. She crammed a massive piece, more than five neatly cut mouthfuls, into her mouth.

David watched her with wide eyes. He was smiling. He saw this enthusiasm as transferrable to his meat. But he was wrong.

Jane swallowed the entire piece and then reached down and…


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Steak & Blowjob Short Story

Jane’s Steak and Blowjob Night Surprise