Smutpunk Trade Paperback: 1948 – The Futa Boxing Gym (Part 2)


“This Magic Jump Rope Heals All Ills”

With Minae’s marriage on the rocks, she takes matters into her own hands. Unfortunately, she finds the Magic Futa Jump Rope is not working for her. She and the keepers of the rope band together and encounter a slew of characters and obstacles that will test her character, resolve, and desire. Is all this trouble worth it to save a marriage? Probably not, but Minae’s finds out the safety of planet Earth is on the line. In a race against time, Minae must rely on dubious allies and former enemies to save the Magic Rope from a once in a lifetime catastrophic futanaria event. Can she suck it up and deal? She’s going to have to.


Renata Gill

September 10, 2017

Format: Paperback
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Book Review: Futanari Moans


Book Review: [amazon text=Futanari Moans and the Mummy’s Hand (Job)&asin=B071WKG5X3]

Book Review by Moctezuma Johnson futanari-moans-smutpunk-book-review

As soon as I saw the cover for Sally Bend’s new book I knew I would love it. The cover had the sexy, pulp look that I love in a futanari tale. Sally Bend is an intelligent writer who sets the standard with the transgender community, so between cover and writer I felt this book was a must-read. My first impression was correct. Futanari Moans comes as advertised. The writing is really tip-top and the cover art is stupendous. Author Sally Bend, an authority in the Transgender community, does an awesome job blending a story taking place deep in an ancient tomb rigged with booby traps that our heroine, Futanari Moans, must pass. The main character has the sexy elements of [amazon text=Tomb Raider&asin=B00JPSV9U8] plus a giant glistening dick that won’t stop spewing into a condom (for cleanliness, I presume). The plot mixes the action adventure of [amazon text=Raiders of the Lost Ark&asin=B0014Z4OMU] and Black Collossus with the main character’s flashbacks of painful lab memories with disaster looming in the recesses of her mind. There are hints of Futanari Moan’s troubled past sprinkled in as she takes on the sudden dangers of flying spears, drowning by sand, and poisonous dart attack, which she must conquer, evade, and survive to rob this tomb. As the story progresses the drama gets freakier and yuckier but in a weirdly satisfying sexual way. I’m not going to spoil the payoff at the end by clumsily telling you what phantasmagoric nastiness befalls Futanari Moans but I guarantee you that if you’re a fan of futa fiction and hot action your mouth will be wide open and you’ll need that box of nearby tissues.


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The FUTA Dicksicle Stand on Amazon #LPRTG #BookBoost


The Futa Dicksicle Stand by Moctezuma Johnson

It’s out! Live! New Release! Compra compra compra! Damas y Caballeros…Ladies and Gentleman…여러분…download the sticky, creamy dicksicle sisterhood fun now. 

Basic Plot:

A sexually repressed pregnant woman tries to solve hot flashes by a drive to get ice cream. Instead her friendship with her bestie gets tested when a FUTA-on-FEMALE ménage-e-trois is suggested by a sexy, sassy dicksicle cashier. Find out how far our heroine is willing to go to please her bestie and keep the creamsicles milkie.

Hot Women – SMUTPUNK Erotica Images


Hot Women – Smutpunk Erotica Images


Look at those Big Tits (big Asian tits) dipping in the water!

#NSFW Fotos eroticas del escritor Moctezuma Johnosn @MJKingOfErotica

una puta de moctezuma










I'm not sure where the line between classy and nasty is all the time.

I’m not sure where the line between classy and nasty is all the time.

images (2)


At the back of Bored to Tears by My Asian Husband is a very fucked up story of a young wife and an alleyway. It’s a little smutpunk gem in an otherwise pretty straightforward little book.





Hentai Foundry is an Awesome Site! (suggested to me by a cool dude)

Someone once said that if I were to combine the keywords Literary Porn with Chun Li I’d be an instant Erotica Success

Well, that never happened.

It did lead me into a renewed interest in hentai. Here are some incredible drawings by amazing artists found on Hentai Foundry. As a writer, I’m so totally indebted to and in awe of the genius of these talented artists from all over the world. Wow. Check out their pages and commission them for some drawings ASAP. I know I will!





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