Book Review of FB Slutcake – FutaBerry Slutcake by Bryce Calderwood


[amazon text=Futaberry Slutcake: Welcome to Futaberry Patch: A futa-on-futa, genderswap, lactation futanari erotica (Corrupted Cartoonz: Futaberry Patch Book 1)&asin=B072FHD8H4]

I saw Bryce Calderwood (Michael Maritine) posting on the Nu Romantics and was impressed by his wit and intelligence. I downloaded two of his books, the [ambryce-calderwood-futaberryazon text=Demon’s Embrace: Futanari Apocalypse 1&asin=B00XTH3S3C] and Futaberry Slutcake: Welcome to the Futaberry Patch. I read them in that order and enjoyed the first thoroughly. However, the second one really hit a button on me. First off, it was so sexy. All the futanari are drippy, horny, sexy, tasty, and bulging all over the place. He really takes his time explaining each character and his/her needs and wants and fears and tastes. It makes each sex scene quite powerful.

Major Spoiler Alert

The premise is that the narrator goes into some freaky kind of pawn shop and ends up with a magic drawing pad that turns his futanari drawings into real life. Best of all from this transformation ( that even Dr. Engle would be proud of) is that the narrator himself becomes a sexy, curvy, drippy, horny futanari himself. He becomes Futaberry Slutcake. And when others eat Futaberry’s cum,

what do you think it would taste like? Futaberry, right? Nope. Mr. Calderwood is too smart for that. I mean, there’s no such fucking thing as a futaberry for fuck’s sake. It tastes like apple, silly. The way the story is told with it’s nostalgia creeping into things from the pawn shop to the old drawing tablet and Bryce’s subtle humor lying in the squirting dildo’d weeds makes this a quick, enjoyable, sexy read.

Two Dicks Up / Two Cocks Up

That’s the hardest rating to get, incidentally.

Dick Rating: Two dicks up!

Literary Value: Steven Queen out of Steven King. Fantastic dialogue. Humor. FUTAs. ‘Nuff said.

Overall Score: 5 out of 5 stars